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The Great Pyramid was the largest Mesoamerican structure of its time. 1 (Sources of Stones Used in Prehistoric Mesoamerican Sites): 1–44.

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Volcanic eruptions during the Early, Late and Terminal Formative periods would have blanketed the lands and forced the Olmec to move their settlements. The source of the most valued jade was the Motagua River valley in eastern Guatemala, The state of Guerrero, and in particular its early Mezcala culture, seem to have played an important role in the early history of Olmec culture.Olmec-style artifacts tend to appear earlier in some parts of Guerrero than in the Veracruz-Tabasco area.Past finds of Olmec remains ritually deposited at El Manati shrine (near San Lorenzo) moved this back to "at least" 1600–1500 BCE.It seems that the Olmec had their roots in early farming cultures of Tabasco, which began between 5100 BCE and 4600 BCE.Buried deep within La Venta lay opulent, labor-intensive "offerings" – 1000 tons of smooth serpentine blocks, large mosaic pavements, and at least 48 separate deposits of polished jade celts, pottery, figurines, and hematite mirrors. Olmec to Aztec: Settlement Patterns in the Ancient Gulf Lowlands.

Scholars have yet to determine the cause of the eventual extinction of the Olmec culture. In particular, the relevant objects from the Amuco-Abelino site in Guerrero reveal dates as early as 1530 BCE. Contributions of the University of California Archaeological Research Facility.La Venta sustained the Olmec cultural traditions with spectacular displays of power and wealth. Berkeley: University of California Department of Anthropology. Whatever the cause, within a few hundred years of the abandonment of the last Olmec cities, successor cultures became firmly established. The Tres Zapotes site, on the western edge of the Olmec heartland, continued to be occupied well past 400 BCE, but without the hallmarks of the Olmec culture. Olmec artworks are considered among ancient America's most striking.

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