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He gestures towards the ocean and says: 'This is where Nicole was raised and where she first stood on a surfboard.

That's when her mother moved her away from the islands.Is there truly a relationship at all, beyond what is visible to the photographer's lens?She makes her living in the television and recording studios of Los Angeles.That's just how it was for me.' In 2003, she joined the Pussycat Dolls, a burlesque stage troupe in Hollywood that transformed itself into a global phenomenon, thanks to some catchy pop songs as well as the provocative dance routines.Their debut album PCD sold nine million copies and the hit single Don't Cha - with the refrain 'Don't cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?For me to have acting or singing lessons was a big sacrifice. A former teacher at the Youth Performing Arts School in Louisville told The Mail on Sunday: 'Nicole was one of the rare ones. She was always the first one in and the last one out.' Nicole won a place in her first band, Eden's Crush, on the US television show Popstars in 2001.

She believes this makes her well qualified to judge The X Factor in its first appearance across the Atlantic.She has always done it tastefully.' Nicole has admitted that, at school, she was always rather 'nerdy', a long way from the raunchy creature now familiar to television viewers. Without them she is as blind as a bat.' 'My stepdad would drive me to auditions in beaten-up cars.I came from a very working-class family and money was always tight.Today, however, Nicole's father Alfonso Valiente puts such doubts to rest saying, in his first-ever interview, that not only have the two of them found happiness in each other, but that they are engaged to be married.And the survival of their partnership in such turbulent waters, he suggests, owes much to the plain good sense and sheer determination of his daughter.As it happens, both were also brought up as Roman Catholics and both had childhoods disrupted by divorce.