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What's the most lavish thing you did to impress a woman? You want the obviously James Gordon is the moral compass of Gotham City. I've also never had a problem dating as I see fit when I'm not in a relationship. If I asked all the women you ever dated to agree on something about you, What would they say?

Mc Kenzie's own backstory is decidedly less formulaic: After studying economics and foreign affairs at the University of Virginia, the Austin-born Mc Kenzie took a sharp right turn to acting. I did have a chance to briefly date a cheerleader, which was fun. But being on the team definitely helps an awkward teenager. You know that great quote they attribute to Abraham Lincoln: "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt"? But I would be fascinated to get the polling on that.

' Then I thought of what kind of boy I was at 25, and [I was] that kind of idiot."Mc Kenzie and Baccarin have a 1-year-old daughter, Frances, together, and in an exclusive interview with ET in May 2016, Mc Kenzie revealed how fatherhood had changed him.

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They were already planning on doing that with (our) characters when I got pregnant. Baccarin has a 2-year-old son, Julian, with her estranged husband, Austin Chick.

His paternal grandparents both did some acting when they were young.

Benjamin Mc Kenzie is an actor best known for his role as Ryan Atwood on the teen drama series The O. He has also appeared in the films 88 Minutes and Junebug.

The teen soap lasted only four seasons but somehow remains seared in our memory as the perfect bit of escapist prime-time entertainment.

But then again, so is the "one who got away" trope. As the Daily Mail reports, Mc Kenzie and Baccarin met in 2006 when she played socialite Maya Griffin on The O. Which just makes this adorably reminiscent of the movie Serendipity. The important thing to note here is that now, 10 years later, they have a child together, which means that "whatever is meant to be will find its way" cliché that we all used as our AIM away messages is true. On the flip side, let's take a moment to commemorate the meeting between them we know for certain: Gotham.

Because that's the one that really counts when we put the whimsy aside, and the interwoven similarities between what's gone on in Gotham and in real life are too good to pass up.

EXCLUSIVE: Ben Mc Kenzie and Morena Baccarin Adorably Gush Over Each Other During First Post-Baby Red Carpet"I apparently blew her off," Mc Kenzie told host James Corden. It's a joy." MORE: Ben Mc Kenzie is 'Great in Bed,' Uses Fluffy Pink Handcuffs Another co-star couple, stars Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys, also recently shared that they "met a very long, long time ago," but, like Mc Kenzie, Russell didn't remember their introduction.

"So I'm thinking, 'What kind of idiot would blow off this gorgeous, beautiful, sophisticated, intelligent, successful woman?

Any woman worth her salt has to draw a line at some point. I was living in Santa Monica and Clint Eastwood's wife introduced herself to me at a restaurant. I love women for being able to knock that shit out of you.