Fender potentiometer dating

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Fender potentiometer dating - faster dating site

I might build the grid voltage zoom board, but there is not much space in my box.Regards Peter (in Brisbane, Australia) 2nd of February 2018, Dieter has squeezed a lot of electronics in a tiny box! Hello Ronald and Maria Jose, Thank you for the message.

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As I happen to own a few specimens of that kind, I was wondering how to adapt the u Tracer for such measurements.

Hi Ronald, As requested here is my u Tracer in its box testing a WW2 vintage VR100/KTW61.

It works fine once you get past the usual windows problems with com ports & usb to serial issues.

These results convinced me even more of the outstanding quality of the whole concept of the u Tracer.

I have also added pictures of the first tube tested, a NOS RV12P2000, which also performed according to specification for all parameters.

The u Tracer works very well, the structure is, as has been said many times, prepared in great detail by you and no problem.

Thank you very much :-) It will be a wonderful addition to my measuring instruments.One of these is closely linked with your new solution to broaden the range of the grid bias.When I finished the u Tracer last Sunday, I quickly encountered precisely this question, because the most antique tubes from 90 to 100 years ago were regularly operated well into the positive grid range, of course because otherwise the anode currents would have been just too low.best regards Dieter 2nd of February 2018, Georg has been testing some ancient tubes and made himself a positive grid bias (only works for very low currents)!Dear Ronald, thank you for your friendly invitation to share my first experiences with the u-Tracer.Using this shift in grid, I could reproduce the official "Kennlinien" of an EVE173 from 100 years ago with almost unbelievable precision.

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