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An older man's sperm is not as healthy as young man's sperm.

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They couldnt be happier and they will be good parents. shes due to give birth in middle of the breeding season, tis going to be hectic as feck Younger people may not realize this, but in the over 45 dating forum, we regularly have threads and posts by older men who married young women and had kids.

It seems you are wanting a woman primarily to have a child. Men can father children until the day they die, so if you want to have some kids, do it! Do you live your life for yourself, or do you live your life for other people?

I would be asking that question once you manage to hook up with someone first and develop a relationship. There are millions, millions of single mom's out there with kids who deserve a dad to be there. Remember, your dna is made up of the same stuff as everyone else's is, don't get so tied up in the concept of passing along your genes because you think they're better than everyone else's, just try to make the world a little better for the kids who are already here, and that can be your legacy.

If age is the sole factor here, try checking out some of the older generation that are already raising kids, and some are raising their grandkids as their own; see how well they do it, learn from their examples. They were more active than the young parents who lived around us.

My dad died at 90 and my mom is now 93 (although failing).

It's not your age, OP, that I'd be concerned with if I were a young woman in your target age group who wanted kids - it's how well we might match.

That's true of any potential partner, but I think your profile is cutting way down on the potential matches, as few as they already may be.Plus, your pool of potential fishies is already very small because most young women will not want a man your age. Try church synagogue or a matchmaker, I think it's complete bull for people to be so adamant about women rights to do whatever it takes to have a baby at an older age... We broke up but still have a friendship and she sees me as a more suitable father that most of the men out there despite our relationship problems. I also think that you need to be very careful about the ones who seemingly do - because some of them will have their own agenda and you may indeed end up as one of those older single dads with a little kid to support (one that you seldom get to see) and then other ladies won't be interested. Men leave their wives at 45 - 50 and start another family every day. yet people jump on men for even thinking about having children in his 40s. I'm almost 43 and my ex-fiancee has been talking about having babies for a couple years now but hasn't been able to. What most of you are saying is that it's wrong that it should be me who's the father because I'm too old now. Why should she have to give up her dream of having kids because she'd want them with me? It's something she wants like most women do, to be a mother herself. I see the only people that don't like the idea of having a child in their 40's are the ones that have already HAD a kid before then. If you are fit I dont see any reason why you should not be a father. Women are wary of guys using cyberspace and you are getting up there in terms of age. I to have always wanted a son but here is my issue. This is a dating site and you should not take it too seriously. Also, children can prove exhausting even to younger people, and so much more to someone whose body is no longer young. That being said, my 55 year old brother passed away this year, after a 6 year illness. My brother will miss seeing and holding his first grandchild, the second son's marriage, his wife's retirement. He's the brother, I was depending on to walk me down the aisle someday. Lots of interesting view points, lots of feedbacks, some personal attacks, some supports, all viewpoints, having taken them all in, I have decided should the opportunity arise, I will have a baby, its going to be a challenge and hopefully rewarding.....

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