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His third brother, John Bernard, collected valuable Welsh manuscripts including an early version of Geoffrey of Monmouth, which was edited by Professor Henry Lewis in 1942 under the title 'Brut Dingestow'.Samuel was succeeded by Samuel Richard Bosanquet (1800-1882), who purchased Gwaelod-y-Wlad, Trealy and Church-farm, all in Monmouthshire, in 1865 from John Shapland Edmonds Stock.

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However, I’ve now learnt that this is not the case (see https://brianedgar.wordpress.com/2012/01/21/note-on-date-of-arrival-in-stanley-and-images-of-places-of-internment/ ) and have rewritten the post accordingly.The Hospital was completely locked down for almost a week, and then Hilda Selwyn-Clarke and the others not arrested were sent, if they were Allied nationals, into Stanley. A letter dated April 30 but probably written May 7-9, announcesd an arrival in Camp so recent that Thomas, whose appointment as Deputy Supply Officer Bakeries on the day of the Japanese attack probably means that he was regarded as the senior European baker in Hong Kong, hadn’t yet been set to work.It is hardly possible to imagine the fear that he and Evelina must have felt as the Japanese gendarmes rampaged through the hospital, arresting the man who was in effect his boss, rounding up about half a dozen others, and starting a full-scale search of the entire premises.The first settler in England, David Bosanquet, became a banker and merchant, enabling the family to settle at Forest House, Essex.David's grandson, Samuel Bosanquet (1744-1806), Governor of the Bank of England, purchased Dingestow in 1801.Handover to recovery staff should not take longer than the duration of the song.

List of repositories | List of collections at Gwent Archives | Repository home page | Contact details Administrative/Biographical history: The Dingestow Court estate, Monmouthshire, was originally in the possession of the Jones family.

Early on May 2, 1943, the long-awaited blow finally fell; the Kempeitai took the Medical Director Selwyn Selwyn-Clarke from the French Hospital and began the hideous process of trying to get him to confess that he was the British spymaster in Hong Kong.

Some of his colleagues, including Doctors Nicholson and Bunje[4] were arrested too, while Dorothy Lee[5] and other non-British nationals were hauled in over the next few weeks.[6] It’s probable that Alexander Sinton, one of the public health workers living in the The French Hospital was arrested at that time – he was the only one of this group to be executed.

These properties had been the possession of the Edmonds family since at least the early 16th century.

Samuel Richard's successor was Samuel Courthorpe Bosanquet (1832-1925), sheriff of Monmouthshire, 1898, and chairman of the quarter sessions.

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