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“I will tell you, I really liked him, I think he liked me,” Trump told TIME a few weeks later. There was good chemistry.” That this followed a brutal campaign in which he had called Obama “the worst President” and Obama called Trump “unfit to serve” is not actually unusual, judging from past presidential handoffs.

But you may be wondering, why do these guys seem so interested in us?

Even veterans eager to help him find themselves challenged not just by his unfamiliarity with the ways of Washington but also by his indifference to them.

Whether it’s his disdain of intelligence analysts, his distance from his party’s agenda, his Twitter torture of corporations or his defiant and diversionary Jan.

In a world where everyone is obsessed with finding romance – if two people can get along together and feel for each other, why not let it happen and enjoy it?

” When you do decide to experiment with an older guy, make sure you’re aware of some of the dangers and the potential difficulties that may arise.

He called the cooperation a “hallmark of our democracy,” running deeper than his disagreements with the man who will replace him. In the pages that follow, veterans of the Obama White House offer their own counsel to the incoming team—­including some of the best advice they got from the departing Bush team eight years ago.

They cover every­thing from distinguishing what’s important from what’s merely urgent, to managing your health, mastering the computers and navigating the White House mess (closed between 2 p.m. It’s unusual to move into a new workspace with nearly 100% turnover, with the incoming team just meeting one another for the first time under the bright glare of the inter­national spotlight.It recalls Ronald Reagan ordering Jimmy ­Carter’s solar panels removed from the roof, or John F. Any new President arrives thinking he knows better, with millions of votes—even if not a ­majority—in his pocket to affirm his sense of mission.Kennedy dismantling Eisenhower’s national-­security structure. But Obama also leaves office all too aware of the burdens that are about to shift from his shoulders.Anonymous older guy, 24, says, If a younger girl is impressed by his more advanced life experience, it will make the guy feel mature and give him the boost he may need if he’s not completely satisfied with all the aspects of his post-grad life. If we meet him over the summer, the dating experience is like any other summer fling – it has a set end date.“Sounds absolutely shocking, and it was to everyone, even me. When we were together, there were no barriers and no awkwardness.These sessions aren’t required by law, but every­one seems to appreciate the help.