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Italian actress Valentina Cervi, whom you might remember as the hidden wife of Michael Fassbender’s Rochester in last year’s adaptation of Jane Eyre, talks to us about channeling the Bible’s original femme fatale and the real benefit of being a vampire. The only note Alan gave me was, “Don’t be afraid of your sexual power.” So I just went for it. When you meet some characters, you feel immediately like you know who they are and where they come from. They can have sex without meaning they have responsibility to each other. When you sign up to do True Blood, it’s true that even the non-vampires agree to a fair amount of sex and nudity. Of course, on the day we shot that scene where I was talking to Roman, I wasn’t supposed to be naked. When you were cast on the show, word was that Salome would be this season’s “most powerful person in every way.” Does that turn out to be true? I think that’s a moment of truth, but I think she uses that truth to bring people to her side. She doesn’t trust Eric, but at the same time she understands where he comes from. Is there anyone you wanted to work with but didn’t get to?I put in some fake hair because I had short hair at the time, and because I thought Salome, or the archetype of that kind of woman, would be dancing with this long hair. But I think they were looking for something that was more ancient. Salome manages to bring all the boys to the yard in a single day. She’s powerful in that she is 2,000 years old, and in the vampire world there’s a lot of respect for the elders. When Salome tells Bill about her real history, that in fact she was the victim of her mother, is it a moment of truth for her? That’s the scene where I started to understand where her wounds are. So she’s using truth, but she’s also really opening up to him. You’re touching a sore spot, because I love every character on the show but I only had a chance to work with a few — Bill, Eric, Roman.

Want to stress how depraved and vicious your killer is?

Maybe it's because sex workers are Acceptable Targets.

Maybe the prostitutes are killed because they know something they shouldn't, or a villain thinks they do.

Or maybe it's just easy short-hand to let people know there's a Serial Killer loose out there, but the sex industry tends to have a high percentage of casualties when it comes to this kind of thing.

And they will nearly always be forgotten by the story eventually. Prostitution (especially of the street-walking variety) carries with it a certain amount of danger by its nature, as the ladies occupy a gray area in society outside of the law, often being ignored both by the law and society at large as a result, and must by necessity place their trust in strangers whose intentions may not be benign.

There can also be a sense that these women have it coming or somehow deserve what happens to them because of their circumstances; the detectives involved may be dismissive or even contemptuous towards the victims and the other women in the same position because of their profession.

This can be especially glaring if the killer then targets a woman who is not a prostitute.The verdict came Wednesday in the case of the Macomb Township doctor charged with kissing and groping a female patient during an office visit in 2014.Sikorski, 60, lives in Shelby Township and also faced 10 counts of sexual contact in 1998 after six different women accused the doctor of groping them during visits to his Macomb Township practice.Have him—it's almost always a man—target and/or kill a few sex workers—and they are nearly always women—to drive home the fact.Maybe it's because walking the streets is a dangerous occupation and the ladies involved tend to make easier targets for weirdos.Despite hearing his accuser's tape of their encounter, during which he asks for a private "show," and cites her work as sex-cam performer, a jury acquitted Dr.