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Regardless, I’m happy with the way the XPS 13 hold on during these months.It feels solid and it barely shows any dents or scratches on its metallic exterior, despite the fact that I haven’t pampered it.

Just wanted to add that I’m mostly happy with Windows 10, however I feel that the trackpad is even crappier than it was with Windows 8 when it comes to two-finger scrolling and other gestures (I’m using Firefox, but it’s even worse in Chrome or Edge).

I’m using this Dell lightly most of the time, running up to 10 tabs in Firefox, Skype, and usually Word.

Even so, the laptop’s metallic back-casing gets to about 40 degrees Celsius on a daily basis.

Update2: Nearly 24 months have passed since the original article and not much has changed.

The trackpad seems to perform a little better after the latest updates, but scrolling can still get choppy on very large websites, both on Chrome and Firefox.

This was expected, to be frank, as I typed countless articles on this computer.

That out of the way, there are a few things Dell could have done differently on the XPS 13.

It’s compact and light, despite packing a 13-inch display. It also bundles fast hardware, good IO and runs quiet.

But there are certain aspects most reviews won’t tell you about this XPS—mostly because it’s impossible to notice such details in only a few days of tests.

The experience is much nicer during the autumn and winter months, but for those of you living in hot environments, keep in mind that this laptop tends to get warmer than most others with daily use.

Now, high temperatures were expected on such a compact device with an aluminum case, specially since the fan rarely has to kick on.

As for the trackpad, it feels nice and it performs well as long as you keep to swiping, pressing and taping.