Physical boundaries in a christian dating relationship

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Physical boundaries in a christian dating relationship - online dating for hunters and fisherman

Date rape takes place when the victim is in a limited dating relationship with the perpetrator, who then coerces or forces her into sexual intercourse in an involuntary context. Christians need to be informed of the true nature of rape, and should be the first to offer help to victims in any way that they can.

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She often downplays important facts that would normally indicate she was in danger, thinking that it’s just her being too suspicious, when she is clearly in a vulnerable situation. Young boys have often been victims as well, though they often never tell anyone of the experience until much later.The response of those closest to the victim can be the determining factor of how well the victim heals psychologically and spiritually.Victims usually face an immediate situational depression, which will either spontaneously heal over time or can become a prolonged pattern of a depressive disorder.Some have even lost their faith after having been raped.The Christian Church has a responsibility to address this issue in an appropriate manner, though it has largely ignored it or hidden evidence of it in the past, especially when a clergy member was the perpetrator.This violent act has a significant impact on the victim, affecting her in physiological, psychological, and spiritual ways.

Victims of rape often have severe difficulties overcoming a rape due to their sense of a loss of control over their own bodies.The victim should never be subjected to any aspect of a program that removes consent.A compassionate ministry to victims of rape is needed both in the Church and the Christian community as a whole.Some of these young boys grow up to have trouble maintaining an appropriate sex life with an adult female, and often turn to underage children, whether boys or girls, which only exacerbates childhood sexual abuse patterns.About a third of all children subjected to childhood sexual abuse or rape will later become perpetrators of more rape or abuse.Many have been physically threatened, and were afraid of not living through the experience.

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