Chlorine dating

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Chlorine dating

Because it is beneficial to your health, you will increasing want to get into your swimming pool or hot tub, rather than repelled by it for the toxic fumes and water.You will LOVE your swimming pool or hot tub - and so will you body.

Worse, as you repeatedly are adding more of these chemicals they are combining to make still other tremendously harmful chemicals as the water become more and more toxic and health destroying.

All chemicals and all discoveries were immediately marketed for profit with no thought to are they safe?

They were even marketed as miracle cures as extreme as selling bottles of uranium water as a miracle cure.

Many of the beautiful pools and hot tubs of the rich and famous are professionally maintained upon the knowledge offered here. If you do not have a swimming pool or Hot Tub, click on the picture the left for our bath page specials for the most wonderful sleep of your life to the left or to many more specials by clicking on the banner to the right.

You will fall in love with your pool or hot tub again. There is a huge collection of very interesting knowledge by scrolling down on this page. When a person has their first swimming pool or hot tub for the first time it is very exciting.

It is a place to leave troubles behind you, let your mind go free and relax.

Yet people soon are using their swimming pool or hot less and less.

Many tens of thousands of our customers use it in the swimming pools and hot tubs.

It also is growing in popularity in water systems purification for drinking water, for pools and even for natural ponds as it does not kill plants - only micro-organisms safely and without any smell whatsoever.

Remember how excited you first were to have a swimming pool or hot tub? But for most people they come to their swimming pool or hot tub less and less. The swimming pool becomes mostly just a maintenance chore.

Over 70% of people with swimming pools say they would not want one again with their next house.

Putting chlorine in water is like starting a time bomb.