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Each model is equipped with a crown-protection device, inspired by its 1951 ancestor with its military canteen design, which appeared in an action movie of the era called simply The 2016 standout is the 46 mm titanium model (around $1,436). Khaki Navy Frogman Hamilton has introduced a revamped version of the Khaki Navy Frogman for 2016.But with the sheer volume of reps, dealers, distributors and journos turning up to see the brand, there simply wasn’t the time or space to sit down with all but the most venerable to show off the new wares.

Khaki Navy Frogman Hamilton has introduced a revamped version of the Khaki Navy Frogman for 2016.

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    I was moved in a profound way by not only the ideas, but the raw passion of the finalists to create change, and even more blown away by the support from the well-established sponsor, Bernie Moreno Companies, who ended up giving each finalist the full winning prize money to bring an idea from each category into existence for the Cleveland community.

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    In August 2011 a beta for Nokia's non-smartphone OS Series 40 was added.