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I will digress here for just a few paragraphs to comment on the Hill Country of Texas.

The information contained here constitutes an archive for those readers who wish to know as much as possible about their roots, whether to read in the present or to preserve as a resource for themselves and their offspring later in life.

Writing the story with my children in mind made it easier for me to formulate the narrative.

After all, a father telling a story to his children can be given some latitude; an historian writing for a larger audience cannot; and a genealogist is even more circumscribed by rigid procedural rules. The material in this story will surely be too much for some readers. Despite all that remains unknown, there is an abundance of information here.

One of the 5 brothers was my adopted father, Ernest, born 1891.

Another was my biological father, Arthur, born 1892.

This is especially compelling reading for descendants of Stella Graham and Horace Wilson, who, along with their ancestors, lived in this region for much of this period.

Furthermore, on pages 18-19 of his book, Caro quotes Marietta Cox Nunley (an important Wilson relative, see Cast of Characters on page 15 of this book you are now reading) about the horrors of Indian raids in the Hill Country.

However, there was a larger, overarching objective.

It became evident to me that this story was on the verge of being lost forever.

The ruins of this fort are where my grandmother, Stella Graham, was born on Christmas day in 1869, seeking safety from Indian raids a century later in the crumbling remains of that fort. -century Missouri, and may be termed the Graham thread.

So distant from each other in the beginning, they will eventually intertwine in Texas to produce Stella Jane Graham, who will be born in that abandoned Spanish fort.

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