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His death, first attributed simply to colon cancer, was later revealed to have been hastened by AIDS.“There were a few of us who knew that he was HIV positive, and we protected his privacy,” says Florence Henderson (Reed’s TV wife, Carol Brady).”I really, honestly don’t think everyone on the show knew.

As corny as it sounds, if kinda is like a family.” Virtually the entire cast showed up for Barry Williams’s wedding two years ago in Pacific Palisades, Calif., as well as for the 50th wedding anniversary last year of Sherwood Schwartz and his wife, Mildred. who are profiled on the following pages, are good-natured about the way their Brady pasts have continued into the present and, whether they like it or not, will continue into the foreseeable future.“It doesn’t surprise me that he kept that information to himself.” says Williams, who pauses to add, “This is still emotionally charged for me.My relationship with Bob was as a friend, father and actor.” As to how or when Reed could have contracted AIDS, his TV family refuses to speculate.“I think Eve just wishes [the Brady phenomenon] would all go away,” says former costar Chris Knight, who gets together with her once a year.“I’d probably be like that myself if I was still trying to butt heads with the industry.” Yes, Plumb is still out there butting: She recently shot a pilot for NBC, , in which she plays—oh, wow—a mom in the ’70s (the drama was not picked up for the fall schedule).Even now, though, there an; some showbiz memories that bring back the old Peter Brady smile. ” JAN, plumb tired of things Brady, searches for her next role Eve Plumb is the Greta Garbo of play in April.

For instance, Knight reveals, he was not unhappy that it was Peter who got to throw the football pass that bopped stepsister Marcia in the nose. It’s just that she doesn’t want to be forever Jan, the middle sister.

“Nobody’s business,” says Olsen, when asked whether Reed—who has a daughter from a marriage that ended in divorce in 1959—was gay.

Olsen thinks there’s a more important point for the public: “If AIDS can happen to Dad Brady, it can happen to you.” Indeed, in an era in which even sitcom characters must practice safe sex, seems still more appealingly unreal than when if first turned up on ABC, “a traditional little show,” as Henderson describes it, “that came along at the end of the ’60s, which was a terribly turbulent time.” The key to the series’ enduring appeal, according to Henderson, is that generated an authentic, home-sweet-home warmth.

After the series ended, he attended UCLA for less than a year but dropped out for the abysmal Brady Bunch Variety Hour in 1977.

By the early ’80s, he says, “I worried about just gelling the next job.” That’s when he drilled into what he calls “low-level drug use”—cocaine and pot.

“He had no idea who I was,” says Mc Cormiek, “which, I have to say, was very, very refreshing.” (Hard to believe, isn’t it, that lie wouldn’t at least have remembered her from her advice column in Tiger Beat?