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American remake includes new Mini models, which were integrated in the story perfectly.The use of Minis seemed absolutely normal for a robbery, since t Mini is a very compact and mobile car. 16 – Junior Mints in Seinfeld Sometimes product placement can be so well done that it can get a brand name in the title of a TV episode.


British movie featured the “original” Mini and director Peter Collinson admitted that the car’s maker BMC only provided a few Minis for the shooting and the movie production company had to buy the rest of them.

It follows two forty-something year old men Miles (Paul Giamatti) and Jack (Thomas Haden Church), who take a week-long road trip to the wine country of Santa Barbara.

The movie became a huge success, both at the box-office and with the movie critics.

In some ways it’s a prediction of things to come in the movie industry. 19 – Bubba Gump Shrimp in Forrest Gump It’s very rare that a fictional brand from the movie goes into mass production or in this case into restaurant business.

Forrest Gump was a major box-office success in 1994.

The doctor thought that the reason was “something from above.” Apparently the opportunity for product placement was turned down by M&Ms and Lifesavers (among others).

recalls Patricia Ganguzza, owner of AIM Promotions, the New York City-based agency that placed the candies on TV.

When Bond and his colleague Vesper Lynd were travelling by train she asked him about his watch: No.

17 – Mini in The Italian Job The original movie The Italian Job is a 1969 British caper movie with Michael Caine in the leading role. Gary Gray directed an American remake with Mark Wahlberg, Charlize Theron and Edward Norton.

Some reports from the web also stated that no money exchanged hands between Tootsie Roll (Junior Mints’ parent company) and Seinfeld.

The candy was also included in several conversations among the main characters. 15 – California wines in Sideways Sideways (2004) is an American comedy-drama, directed by Alexander Payne.

According to Jean-Marc Lehu Omega wanted to be permanently involved in the series, so they agreed a partnership with Film Media Consultant.