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For instance, Figure A shows the same sheet with the values rounded and not rounded.There's nothing wrong with Excel, it's doing what it's supposed to.

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Users spend a lot of time applying extraneous formats. They're an enhanced list feature (from the pre-Ribbon format).

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Excel evaluates the stored values, not the displayed values, in mathematical operations.

The rounding functions offer an awkward solution, but the best solution is to avoid rounding, unless there's a specific reason for doing so.

I recommend that you use it; just remember to turn it off to avoid confusion later.

Don't enlarge a sheet's font so you can see things better on the screen.

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In other words, don't round just because you think all those neatly aligned values look better.

A frequent support call involves a sheet that automatically assigns decimal places, regardless of the input value.

If you suspect a sheet of hiding values this way, you can quickly unhide them as follows: In theory, nothing.