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They had recently starred in the film Born Free, which tells thetrue story of the wildlife conservationist George Adamson and hiswife Joy, who raised a lion cub called Elsa in Kenya thenrehabilitated it into the wild.

And it wasn't stuffed."Christian used to lie beside me while I did the accounts atweekends," remembers Jennifer Mary Taylor, who worked there."And every so often, if I'd ignored him for too long, he'd sockme across the head with one of his great big paws."He was very loving and affectionate - he liked to stand and puthis paws on your shoulders. For a year, the Big Cat was part of it all, cruising the streetsin the back of a Bentley, popping in for lunch at Casserole, alocal restaurant, even posing for a Biba fashion advert.The furniture shop was on the King's Road in London.It soldtables, wardrobes, chairs and desks - but anybody peering throughits plate-glass window on a Sunday might have noticed somethingrather more unusual.He eventually grew too big to be kept as a pet and was taken to Kenya, where he was rehabilitated into the wild by the 'Lion Man', George Adamson.Now, his story is to be told in a new book, written by the Australian John Rendall who, along with his friend Ace Berg, bought Christian from Harrods in 1969.This process was repeated over and over again until Adamson feltconfident enough to allow the pair to meet without the safetybarrier of the fence."First, Boy left his compound," recalls Rendall. That went on for day afterday, until Boy was obviously satisfied that Christian knew who wasboss - and they became totally inseparable."Adamson had also acquired a female lion cub, Katania, to add tothe pride, and she seemed to act as an intermediary between the twomales.

"Then Christianwent out to meet him."Boy took one look - and he clobbered him. Each day, the three lions would go out for a walk in the bush, Boy first, Katania in the middle, then Christian - with Adamson,carrying a rifle in case he needed to scare anything off, at therear.But he was the firstfully-grown lion that Christian had seen since leaving Ilfracombezoo as a cub. Normal lion protocol dictatesthat the younger male should be subservient to the dominantmale.But Christian, more schooled in Sloane than feline etiquette,sashayed fearlessly towards Boy.'"Ace and I thought this was the most sophisticated repartee we'dever heard, so we went along to check it out - and there, in asmall cage, was a gorgeous little lion cub. Welooked at each other and said something's got to be done aboutthat."Harrods, it turned out, was also quite keen to be rid of Christian, who had escaped one night, sneaked into the neighbouringcarpet department - then in the throes of a sale of goatskin rugs -and wreaked havoc.The store, which had acquired the cub from Ilfracombe zoo,happily agreed to part with him for 250 guineas. Today, it would be unthinkable for a shop to take such acavalier attitude towards selling exotic animals (though Harrodsdid, at least, provide Ace and Rendall with diet sheets).He clearly could not stay with his two young owners forever.