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The Blues Brothers (performer: "SHE CAUGHT THE KATY" (uncredited), "I CAN'T TURN YOU LOOSE" (uncredited), "SHAKE A TAIL FEATHER" (uncredited), "GIMME SOME LOVIN'", "THEME FROM 'RAWHIDE'" (uncredited), "STAND BY YOUR MAN" (uncredited), "EVERYBODY NEEDS SOMEBODY TO LOVE" (uncredited), "SWEET HOME CHICAGO", "JAILHOUSE ROCK" (uncredited)) [on Ghostbusters II (1989)] There are some tremendous sequences.

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Both Mona and her brother Steve are (were) to this day estranged from their biological father John Jandali.

She is on the advisory board for the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

In 2010, President Obama appointed Laurene as a member of the White House Council for Community Solutions, which advises the President on matters of education and job creation.

Later, Jobs would tell biographer Walter Isaacson “Obviously, it was named for my daughter” however.

Today, Lisa Brennan-Jobs (Facebook Page) is the second familial relation to Steve Jobs to have a literary proclivity.

But a court-ordered DNA test determined that he was indeed Lisa’s father, and the two later forged a strong relationship in her teens, when she moved to California and lived with Steve and his wife for a time.

It’s rumored that the Apple “Lisa” computer was even named for her, having been released the same year that she was born, though Apple has denied this.

Lisa is an accomplished journalist, regularly being published in , and more.

It’s unknown what level of contact she has with other members of the Jobs family, but at least one member of her biological family tree has reached out to her — publicly.

I'd say it holds up to the first movie about 75 per cent.

If there's a deficiency, it's the ending - it's hard to follow up Mr Stay Puft.

Laurene is a successful businesswoman in her own right, having co-founded natural foods company Terravera, and previously served on the board of directors of Achieva, creators of online tools for student test-taking.