Pictures of men used in dating scams

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Pictures of men used in dating scams - gay male dating sites master slave

Is this all the work of automated bots, the same type of bots that send "automatic messages generated by algorithm"?The chance that bots are used to "like you" and "visit your profile" is very likely since this site already admits they send automated messages, why would they stop there?

The screen shot shows various Ukraine women sending us messages and "visiting our profile" and "liking us".

If you put the shoe on the other foot, would you go out of your way to contact a blank female profile, with no photos and no information in the profile? And we welcome other people to perform the same experiment and create a blank profile on this site.

We would move onto the next girl who had photographs in their member profile. If you do, leave a comment below with your results.

Isn't that a red flag that something isn't right?

From our investigation the main reason sites like Victoria use automated messages is to entice and lure free members to upgrade and purchase credits.

If you have no clue that you are receiving automated emails from a computer bot you would most likely think it's a Ukraine girl contacting you.

But you need to buy credits to contact her so you must pay to converse with women on the site.

We would strong suggest that is exactly what's going on in this investigation.

Automated messages sent from computer software bots makes perfect sense especially since we have already pointed out that our profile is blank.

You need to ask yourself why would a dating site create profiles?

From our experience with dealing with online dating sites we have come across hundreds of dating sites that creates so-called "staff profiles" that are used to fill up the dating site and make it appear as if there are countless numbers of women looking to meet you.

Chance are very likely you will see the same exact results as we did, views from lots of Ukraine women.

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    It’s a softly, softly approach – excellent for those new to internet dating or nervous about entering the melee, or using a fast-food dating app like Tinder.