Travel consolidating software

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Travel consolidating software

Writing an effective corporate travel policy | September 2017 There’s a lot to consider when arranging business travel, so it makes sense to have a robust corporate travel policy in place.Setting out all the relevant procedures will help keep your employees safe while working to reduce your business’s travel spend. | July 2017 Uncover market trends, key risks and technology advancements that may impact your travel program next year with the 4 Are you among those who lose up to 5% of your preferred hotel spend?

Learn more about the misperception of Last Room Availability rates (LRA)*.

They are emerging market performance, financial market turbulence, geopolitical risks, uncertainty surrounding Brexit, potentially fluctuating U. Mobile and internet devices allow uninterrupted connection to the outside world and employees may switch from work to personal activities and vice versa multiple times during the day.

Driving Success in Strategic Meetings Management | June 2016 This global study about the drivers of success in strategic meetings management (SMM) was conducted by CWT Travel Management Institute (TMI) in partnership with the BTN Group.

The agreement will be effective 1 November 2017 and be for all CWT business and leisure customers.

Improving travel policy compliance| November 2017 From helping employees understand your policy to enforcing specific guidelines and procedures for them to follow, policy compliance is key to achieving your corporate travel aims and objectives.

And, for the first time, we have combined two successful publications (2016 Trends and 2016 Travel Management Priorities) into a single interactive web experience that allows you to focus on the areas of greatest interest for your program. Travel & Expense Decision Tree | November 19, 2015 Travel, procurement and finance professionals are looking to get more value out of T&E (travel and expense) data.

However, the complexity and volume of T&E information make it challenging to process, manage and interpret. | 21 September, 20 Global Travel Price Outlook provides projected prices for air, hotel, car, and meetings & events and offers recommendations to help travel programs succeed in the coming year.

The 10 best ways to save money on corporate travel | September 2017 Making corporate travel savings might sound like a challenge – especially if you have lots of employees flying to different locations at different times.

But there are ways to keep your costs down without compromising on traveler safety or services.

It provides unique insights into how to set up and grow a successful SMM program based on practical advice from experts in the field.

Hotel Industry Consolidation: Marriott’s latest mega-merger may be a game changer | June 2016 Hotel consolidation is not new but consolidation activity has certainly increased over the last two years.

Top 10 Tips for safe travel | November 2017 CWT and International SOS teamed up to create this ‘Top 10 Tips for safe travel’ infographic you can share with your traveling employees.

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