Peru dating customs

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Peru dating customs - Sailor moon webcam

Appropriate Attire -- Many travelers to Peru are dressed head-to-toe in adventure or outdoor gear (parkas, fleece wear, hiking boots, and cargo pants).This is perfectly acceptable attire for all but the fanciest restaurants, where "neat casual" would be a better solution.

A more polite way to beckon someone is to place the palm down and gently sweep your fingers toward you.

Also bear in mind that many shops in large and small towns close at midday, from 1 to 3pm or 2 to 4pm.

Gestures -- Peruvians are more formal in social relations than most North Americans and Europeans.

Discussion of drugs (and coca-plant cultivation) and religion should be handled with great tact.

Visitors should understand that chewing coca leaves (or drinking coca tea) is not drug use but a long-standing cultural tradition in the Andes.

They don't kiss to greet one another, nor do they shake hands as frequently as other Peruvians; if they do, it is a light brush of the hand rather than a firm grip.

Many Indians from small villages are reluctant to look a stranger in the eye.

Many Peruvians refer to foreigners as gringos (or gringas) or the generic "mister," pronounced "mee-ster." Neither is intended or should be received as an insult.

On the streets of Cusco and other towns across Peru, shoeshine boys and little girls selling cigarettes or postcards can be very persistent and persuasive.

I get my scruffy shoes shined on a daily basis in Peru, and I buy postcards I probably don't need.

If you don't wish to be hassled, a polite but firm "No, gracias" is usually sufficient, but it's important to treat even these street kids with respect.

Although Peruvians might be curious and ask you directly how much you make, or how much your apartment or house or car or even clothes cost, I suggest that you deflect the question.

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