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Special arrangements will be made during the congress to assist the observance of Ramadan.The Congress website be the main vehicle for dissemination of updated information. For the First Circular for the 34th IGC Conference, click the following link TENTH INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC - PRACTICAL CONFERENCE "RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT AND APPLICATION OF HIGH TECHNOLOGIES IN INDUSTRY" (Scientific-technical, economical, juridical, political science, social and international aspects) 9-11th of December, 2010, Saint-Petersburg, Russia THE TENTH INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC - PRACTICAL CONFERENCE "RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT AND APPLICATION OF HIGH TECHNOLOGIES IN INDUSTRY" will be held in 9-11th of December, 2010 in St.

The committee acknowledges that the Congress will occur during Ramadan and regrets the inconvenience this will cause some delegates.- DECODING, DATING AND ENVIRONMENTAL INTERPRETATION Atlantis - The Lost Land Hypothesis and the Cataclysmic Mass Edifice Failure of the Volcano of Santorin in the Bronze Age The 1490 (1623) BC Tsunami Generated from the Eruption of the Volcano of Santorin in the Aegean Sea The 15th Century B. Explosion and Collapse of the Volcano of Santorin in the Aegean Sea Alexander the Great - Impact of the 325 BC Tsunami in the North Arabian Sea Upon his Fleet BLOGS ON DISASTER ARCAEOLOGY Disaster Archaeology Disaster Vocabulary in Ancient Cultures Archaeodisaster Evidence Space Hazards and Human Evolution NIGHT AT THE ACROPOLIS - The Destruction of the Nazi Imperial Flag A Night at the Acropolis in Greek (compressed) AFTER THE BATTLE MAGAZINE Brief History of Alaska Brief History of Hawaii Brief History of California Brief History of the Samoan Islands Turtle - A Revolutionary Submarine 2-5 SEPTEMBER 2014 In coperation with the National University of Costa Rica Third Announcement - Call for papers - 6th International Tsunami Symposium of Tsunami Society International - COSTA RICA 2014 6th Tsunami Symposium Costa Rica2014(compressed PDF) INSTITUTIONAL AFFILIATIONS OF AUTHORS PRESENTING PAPERS AT THE 6TH INTERNATIONAL TSUNAMI SYMPOSIUM - COSTA RICA 2014 International Tsunami Society 2014 Awards and Photos COSTA RICA - 2014 PACEM IN MARIBUS XXXIV INTERNATIONAL FORUM ON WORLD OCEAN REVIEW: IMPACTS OF CLIMATE CHANGE & OCEAN RELATED HAZARDS: WATER & FLOOD MANAGEMENT POLICY IMPLICATIONS, PROTECTION, MITIGATION & ADAPTATION; & FOLLOW UP OF THE OUTCOME OF RIO 20: IMPLEMENTATION OF UNCLOS & RELATED INSTRUMENTS IN THE SOUTHEAST ASIAN REGION; AND INTERNET WEB-BASED GEOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION SYSTEM (completed) Centara Grand at Central Plaza Ladprao Bangkok, Thailand 3rd – 8th September 2013 UN Secretary-General's Endorsement of Pacem in Maribus XXXIV and TSUNAMI LEADERSHIP SEMINAR (Theme 4) “Science on Tsunamis for Today’s Society and its Input to Society Security and Sustainability” Dr.George Pararas-Carayannis' presentations (abstracts) 1. Marine multi-hazards warning system -Challenges in Implementation and Future Opportunitiess 2.CHILE EARTHQUAKE AND TSUNAMI OF 27 FEBRUARY 2010 IN CHILE – Evaluation of Source Mechanism and of Near and Far-field Tsunami Effects.CHINA & TAIWAN BAY OF BENGAL ( India, Bangledesh, Myanmar) Natural Hazard Assessmetn of SW Myanmar - A contribution of Remote Sensing and GIS Methods to the Detection of Areas Vulnerable to Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Cyclone Flooding.It will demonstrate how geoscience knowledge and applications are contributing directly to meeting societal needs, for example through innovation in the resources and energy based industries, better informed land and water management, enhanced understanding and mitigation of climate change and geohazards, and building major cities and infrastructure.

The 34th IGC will incorporate the 2012 meetings of IUGSÕ Commissions, Task Groups and Joint Programs, as well as the 2nd Young Earth-Scientists (YES) Congress.We invite all geoscience groups internationally to consider integrating their 2012 meetings into the 34th IGC, to benefit from the opportunities it offers for synergies and networking.There will be about 40 pre and post Congress field trips offered, and a major exhibition.(compressed pdf) NORTH ARABIAN SEA (UAE, OMAN, IRAN, PAKISTAN, INDIA ) Potential Tsunami Generation Along the Makran Subduction Zone in the Northern Arabian Sea (2.2 MB, pdf).CHINA (Bohai Sea, East China Sea) Assessment of Potential Tsunami Generation in China's Bohai Sea from Direct Geotectonic and Collateral Source Mechanisms (3 MB pdf) USA - ALASKA (Lituya Bay) Analysis of Tsunami Generation Mechanism in Lituya Bay, Alaska " EARLY TSUNAMI RESEARCH IN THE USA - A Brief History Earthquake Epicenter Determination Using δt Data (15.9 MG PDF - Spherical Hyperbola program not included) Uti1ization of Atmospheric Data for the Evaluation of Potentia1 Tsunamis Addition of Warning System in the Atlantic TSUNAMI ENGINEERING ENGINERING CONSIDERATIONS IN THE ASSESSMENT OF TSUNAMI HAZARDS - (An Overview) TSUNAMI HAZARD AND DESIGN OF COASTAL STRUCTURES MISCELLANEOUS OLD ENVIRONMENTAL AND CHEMICAL RESEARCH REPORTS Electrolysis of the Azide Ion (26MB) Electrolysis of the Azide Ion (compressed 3.1MB) OF CURRENT INTEREST AND RECENT REPORTS ECUADOR - COLOMBIA POTENTIAL OF TSUNAMI GENERATION IN COLOMBIA AND ECUADOR (Compressed PDF File) POTENTIAL OF MAJOR AND GREAT EARTHQUAKES AND TSUNAMIS ALONG THE COLOMBIA/ECUADOR SUBDUCTION MARGIN AND THE DOLORES - GUAYAQUIL MEGATHRUST (predicted near-future events) (Non-compressed large file) GREECE - CRETE HISTORICAL EARTHQUAKE OF 365 AD IN CRETE - THE SAME AREA AS THAT OF 12 OCTOBER 2013 PAKISTAN EARTHQUAKE AND TSUNAMI POTENTIAL IN SOUTH PAKISTAN PAKISTAN'S POTENTIAL EARTHQUAKED AND TSUNAMIS JAPAN THE GREAT TOHOKU-OKI EARTHQUAKE AND TSUNAMI OF MARCH 11, 2011 IN JAPAN - A Critical Review and Evaluation of the Tsunami Source Mechanism Photos of Ship Destruction by the Tsunami of 11 March 2011 in Sanriku-Japan (Power Point file) (Adobe PDF) TSUNAMIGENIC SOURCE MECHANISM AND EFFICIENCY OF THE MARCH 11, 2011 SANRIKU EARTHQUAKE IN JAPAN Earthquake and Tsunami of in the Sea of Japan/East Sea Earthquake and Tsunami of 12 July 1993 in the Sea of Japan/East Sea (Okushiri) Earthquake and Tsunami of 20 April 1771 in the Ryukyu Islands PAKISTAN PAKISTAN'S EARTHQUAKE AND TSUNAMI HAZARDS - Potential Impact on Infrastructures(Inr. Economic and Environmental Geology) CHILE-PERU TRENCH QUAKES AND TSUNAMIS CHILE EARTHQUAKE AND TSUNAMI OF 27 FEBRUARY 2010 EARTHQUAKE AND TSUNAMI OF JUBE 23, 2001 IN SOUTHERN PERU EARTHQUAKE AND TSUNAMI OF FEBRUARY 21, 1996 IN NORTHERN PERU EARTHQUAKE AND TSUNAMI OF DECEMBER 12, 1979 IN COLOMBIA EARTHQUAKE AND TSUNAMI OF OCTOBER 1966 IN PERU HAITI EARTHQUAKE OF 12 JANUARY 2010 IN HAITI ASSESSMENT OF THE TSUNAMIGENIC POTENTIAL ALONG THE NORTHERN CARIBBEAN MARGIN - Case Study: Earthquake and Tsunamis of 12 January 2010 in Haiti.The Geo Host support program for delegates from low income nations will be linked to participation in training workshops.