Speed dating orillia

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Speed dating orillia

Saturday March 3rd I'll be performing at the Back Porch Festival at the Academy of Music in Northampton, MA., on a sweet triple bill with my friends Birds of Chicago, and Anais Mitchell.

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It’s deep winter, the rivers are locked up under a foot of ice, and I’ve been off the road for over a month.MERLEFEST - In April we’ll play a few nights full band in the Southeast around our appearance at Merlefest (4/29), a great long-running festival honoring the late Doc Watson’s son and picking partner Merle, who died young.I got to see Doc play with Jack Lawrence once when I was a kid, still one of the best shows I ever heard. I guess we’ll hit Atlanta, maybe Knoxville or Nashville, and then turn in a set at Merlefest before we head home.This year's lineup has all kinds of people I like, from Kris Kristofferson to Jim Lauderdale, whom I met last fall, and Bryan Sutton, a lights-out Nashville flat-picker who recently cut a version of my old song ‘Don’t Look for Me.' If there's a room down that way we should play, let us know.BLOOD BROTHERS - My sixth solo record is slated for a June 15th release on my own Blueblade imprint, with a tour of the Midwest that month, and tours around the country and overseas (Europe and UK) to follow through 2018.Friends and family would show up and buy drinks and harass me when I blew a lyric or a change, and then half of them would sleep on the floor of my apartment and we’d have a sort of rolling beer party for a couple days.

Bill would put me on to open for anybody he thought I ought to meet, and one thing led to another, and pretty soon I was on the road myself.

“I’ll book you into a song-swap with a couple other guys that don’t play out much, and between you, if you each bring in a few friends, you’ll have a healthy little crowd and a chance to play your songs.” That seemed fair enough, and I took the gig.

After college and a little running around, I moved to Fort, and the Cafe Carpe became my home gig.

COLORADO - February 8-11 Billy Conway and I will play both sides of the Continental Divide in the course of four Colorado shows, starting out west in Ridgway, at the Sherbino(2/8), a great little theater and bar we found last spring, before heading back up to Basalt and The Temporary (2/9), a town, and room we’ve never played.

Then it’s the lovely e Town Hall in Boulder (2/10), and up to old Fort Collins and the Downtown Artery (2/11).

I’m 42, I have a new record finished, and due out in June.

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