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The 2015 evolution of the Mamba adds new RGB lighting around the sides of the mouse, implements an interesting click force adjustment feature for independent tuning of the left and right mouse buttons, and a new sensor with a max 16,000 CPI.It adds a couple extra inputs with a scroll wheel that can click left and right while dropping the previous Mamba’s two buttons beside the left click.

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I think the click force adjustment is a nice customization option to have, but don’t expect it to significantly change your gaming performance. The Mamba has a rechargeable battery that Razer rates at 20 hours of continuous gaming, versus 12 hours for the Ouroboros.Razer recommends the lighter force for games like MOBAs where you want to click very quickly, and the higher force for shooters that require more “distinct and controlled” clicks.In my testing, the adjustment really does make a perceptible difference, but I wouldn’t say that it actually affected my playing across a variety of games.Our intern James saw a similar increase of about 10 clicks in that 20 second window when he tried cookie clicking.Evan and Tom, however, saw opposite results, and Evan and I talked about why; it’s hard sensation to describe, but our theory was that when raising his finger after the click, he was sometimes still applying enough force to keep the button depressed. more about Ol'ga from Nikolaev I am Miss Fit Beauty! The best and largest of dating sites focusing on Russian Women and Russian Ladies. This online dating service established in 1997 in Moscow, Russia.

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It goes to sleep, available instantly on wake-up, and drains so little juice, I didn’t have to replace the batteries for more than six months.

Despite having the Mamba set to go to sleep after lying dormant for 10 minutes, I had it die on me overnight twice, losing between 25-30% battery life while I was away from my desk.

It’s also an improvement from the 16 hours claimed by the previous generation Mamba.

That said, don’t necessarily expect to get 20 hours out of the mouse.

I’ve spent more than a week using the Razer Mamba non-stop as my work and gaming mouse, and I think it’s a big improvement over the wireless Razer Ouroborus in form-factor, customization, and battery life.