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Have an affair”) was hacked with thousands of married men and women exposed as cheaters.

"It is my greatest hope that it will continue to remain in the family and be enjoyed and cherished long into the future." Miss Fitzgerald added: “Dad was always going around with a hammer putting up pictures and moving things around. At heart he was a museum curator and he liked to keep it all perfect.” The castle features drawing rooms and a library, paintings and furniture collections, a flying staircase, nine bedroom suites in the main wing and room to sleep five in another wing.

He is certainly long overdue some additional silverware to place alongside his 2012 Bafta and Royal Television Society awards for Appropriate Adult, and as an at times wholly inappropriate adult in The Affair, West, 46, has been producing some of the best work of his career. Neither of us is professional enough to stay in character so we chat in Brit and then start acting in American.

Asked what he thinks he and Wilson’s Britishness brings to the series, he doesn’t even stop to inhale. We’re probably cheaper and probably so delighted to be here that we don’t complain very much.” There is, though, no denying Solloway’s at times unbridled callousness to women, a quality West has clearly embraced.

This, after all, is the home-town hero (to the Sheffield theatre community, surely), who has twice in recent years appeared on stage at the city’s Crucible Theatre, as Iago in Othello and Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady.

He was, at the time, riding high as the star of The Wire, as a detective, not unlike Noah Solloway, struggling to find his way in the world.

“Then it was explained to me that it’s not your perspective, and that completely frees you up, especially in this season.

"Last season it was two perspectives of people falling in love, so there was much more agreement, much more synthesis.The sixth of seven children born in Sheffield into an Irish Catholic family, West was one of only two boys in the family and was sent to Eton on the back of his father’s profitable plastic bus-shelter business.When he was 28, his then girlfriend Polly Astor discovered she was pregnant but the pair split three years after Martha was born.sees Ellen De Generes return as the forgetful blue tang fish who begins a search for her long-lost parents.Joining her this time around are a whole ensemble of sea creatures including an octopus named Hank ( co-stars Dominic West and Idris Elba - who played adversaries Jimmy Mc Nulty and Stringer Bell - reunited on screen as cockney sea lions Rudder and Fluke who sit on a rock all day with the sole purpose of keeping another named Gerald from joining them.“It’s really fun because as an actor you automatically want your character to be represented in the best light, and you always give your character the benefit of the doubt, which you do as a human being to yourself as well.

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