Chat room cougar

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Chat room cougar

When she thought there was enough pre-cum on her fingers she lifted them to her mouth and licked them clean, closing her eyes as though savouring the taste.Pulling her fingers from her mouth she said, "Oooh John I think I need to taste some more, stand up for me." As I stood before her, my cock inches from her face I saw her hand disappear from view between her legs while she pinched her nipple between thumb and finger with her other.

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Her hands took their weight as she lifted them slightly, "There dear I hope you like them," she said and looked down to my shorts, "Oh yes, I think perhaps you do.

Then I heard the shout that I had been eagerly listening for, it was Meg. Surprised that they'd been talking about me, "Oh, I hope my work is up to scratch? But she did say that I must take good care of you," she said with a lustful look in her eyes.

I remembered what Meg had said that if Annie wasn't back, then she would be there, but as the time went by my doubts increased. We had a long chat actually, your name was mentioned, more than once," Meg said. Annie can't wait to get home, she said how jealous she was that I was getting the benefit of your labours.

The musky smell of her cunt encouraged my tongue deeper. Now fucking her hole with my tongue she moaned with pleasure.

"That's so good John, I'm so close but I want you to cum with me.

Arriving at Annie's once again, I started wondering what was in store for me today. As I worked my thoughts again on the last few days, the whole thing seemed to be some kind of dream. "Annie was saying how much she missed your big tasty cock and that made me think... When I told Annie, she told me that I really must and made me promise to sample it today, so I've got my orders!

As the back door was closed I deduced that Annie wasn't back yet, it was a warm day again so no reason for the door to be closed unless she wasn't home. As I walked towards the back door I wondered what was on offer today, if anything. Sorry I'm a bit late, just had a long soak in the bath, lost all track of time. I looked away breaking eye contact, feeling embarrassed but pleasantly so.

"Now that's better, Oh that lovely big hard cock," she said as she played with her tits again.

She shuffled forward a little and reached for my shaft with one hand and started running her finger tips lightly over the now wet tip.

My cock throbbed as she swirled her fingers around and around, twitching several times under her touch.

"Oooo that's so nice, my juice mixed with yours," she said and moved her fingers to her mouth.

As she rubbed her hands over her tits I found I was fascinated by the huge dark areolae around her nipples, bigger than any I'd ever seen.