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Here, fans can visit with speedway officials, pick up their ticket giveaways, and much more!Lite Lobster Lounge The Lounge is free to enter, open to the public and is located just outside the Turn 2 tunnel entrance.

Trackside Live Stage Check out the Trackside Live Stage throughout the weekend for a steady stream of live music, Q&A's, and entertainment.Effective July 1, 2015, the cutoff age between "juveniles" and "adults" for purpose of the criminal justice system in NH was raised from age 17 to age 18.This means that less teenagers in trouble with the law will be warehoused in jail, and more will receive the rehabilitative services that they need.Using this 360 degree view, alongside Salesforce Pardot, the college was able to launch a new initiative within an astonishing 3 weeks.The college also tracks student progress and success in Salesforce.“We were allowed to do anything we needed to do to get this done.

The only way I saw this coming to life was with Salesforce,” said Peddle.Watch Easterseals in action, and contact your local Easterseals today to get more details about the services available in your community.Learn More We’re here for military caregivers each and every day.Peddle and his team customized Salesforce to quickly integrate with a variety of solutions, making all student data accessible from one tool.“We’ve got a 360 degree view of the students and we know where they’re at in the program at all times,” Peddle explained.The college also built its competency-based Learning Management System (LMS) on App Cloud along with numerous backend business processes. To them, it’s just a user experience that we’ve customized,” explained Peddle.