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I thought I’d have to reach out to a several companies, but one PR rep saw what I needed and was able to coordinate everything in a couple stops.

Leo looks like he's appraising an early American colonial hutch that some farm-wife has let her cat use as a litterbox.

And, yes, I do occasionally bust out a headstand while on the job.

I love that my job doesn’t feel anything like a job.

Yu Mee Chung is the brains and the beauty behind Passport to Prana, a unique yoga program that offers people the freedom to try their city’s best yoga studios by eliminating the cost barrier that comes with yoga in a big city.

The Passport To Prana card retails for a one-time fee of to (varies depending on the city) and gives the card holder access to try one class at 10 to 70 studios (varies depending on city).

with business partners Raj Gandhi, Prajna Harsora, Scott Peterson and Jim Benedek.

She has taught yoga to CEO’s, Hollywood directors and high-profile celebrities, including Val Kilmer and Diane Lane, and offers yoga instruction on her I work with Passport to Prana to promote the practice of yoga in major North American cities, including Toronto, Vancouver, New York and San Francisco.After my first career in public relations, I realized my heart was in reporting I’ve talked to many grieving families who’ve lost loved ones.It never gets easier seeing the unbelievable pain they’re going through.The little midget looks like his butt plug batteries still have a lot of life left in them.The actual story - not that you'll want to hear it - is that Leo has had an "Entourage"-style setup at his house (up on the famous Hollywood Hills "bird streets"), and has for years had several of his friends living there. Leo's getting older and getting over the need to have his "pussy posse" around all the time, so he's kicking everyone out. If I were Leo, I wouldn't have kicked Lukas out because he probably has been the witness to a lot of what has gone on in Leo's life.Back at the height of his fame which was not that long ago, he met up with this very underage teen who had just hit it big and was partying up a storm. They had a consensual relationship, although any relationship with this actor was always fraught with verbal and physical abuse. She too got pregnant and wanted her to have an abortion. He would beat her on a daily basis to get her to change her mind. So, he beat her some more until finally one day she lost the baby.