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A source said: “Tess cancelled plans with friends over the weekend so that she could spend more time with Harry.“She was due to visit a country house outside of London but decided to hang out with him instead.

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There was even a photo of a trip to the British Virgin Islands, but the only evidence is an out-of-focus picture taken by the paparazzi.

Some interpreted this as confirmation, while others believed them to just be close friends —remember those?

Nothing against Swift, but it’s nearly impossible to have a girlfriends list without seeing her famous name pop up.

At the moment, the young star is teasing fans with a new single that aired on the UK version of The release date for the new solo is April 7, but a title hasn’t been released yet.

Styles has reportedly been working with Snow Patrol’s Johnny Mc Daid, who is convinced that Harry Style’s solo material is going to “blow the socks off the world.” So, keep your eye on the calendar, as April 7 is but a week away!

Tess, 27, was introduced to Harry, 23, by mutual friends and they’ve enjoyed several intimate dinner dates together.

And friends say that unlike Harry’s past relationships he is really taken by Tess, who’s proven the feeling is mutual by wearing the singer’s clothing.She’s never alone for long and many still criticize her for having a hit single released shortly after her relationships crash and burn.So, are we surprised Styles is in her little black book? And let’s not forget when Hailey Baldwin threw some shade on them via Twitter when they first started seeing each other, calling them the worst couple ever! The term “dating” has taken on different forms over the years and kids today aren’t “going steady” anymore.Embarrassment of actually thinking he’d actually love you and chose you over what was laying in your bed 5 minutes ago.You tried to fight back the tears currently welling up in your eyes.To some, going on extravagant trips means something significant, but to celebrities, it’s just another Tuesday afternoon!