Consolidating schools in south carolina

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We are all called to step into the human experience, into the human heart, and guide people to the summit of love, to an intimate encounter with Christ.I have been brought here by what can only be described as the grace of God.

It is a pleasure to work at a high school that is so focused on the students, academically, spiritually and athletically.

It is truly humbling to be invited to join such an outstanding team, and I am excited to be a part of the mission of the school. John Paul II was spot on when he said “Life with Christ is a wonderful adventure.” It certainly is; Christ always surprises us with amazing things that are better than we ever could have imagined for ourselves.”“I feel incredibly blessed and fortunate to continue my lifelong work of teaching and coaching within such a wonderful and faith based community of students and educators.

John Paul II have both long been spiritual fathers for me; given the great influence these very holy men have had on my life, it seems fitting that God has called me to John Paul the Great to teach classes on both religion and media!

I am so thankful to God for giving me the opportunity to contribute to the mission of our school and the Church.”“One of my favorite quotes comes from St. I have found in my teaching experience that Saint John Paul’s understanding of human love has had life-changing effects on my students.

John Paul II, “Do not abandon yourselves to despair. His Theology of the Body is the answer to the sexual confusion of our day.”“Finding one’s way in life is never easy.

However, as God guides me along, I am presented with gifts of opportunity.

Saint John Paul the Great Catholic High School is one of those rare gifts of grace introduced into my life.

The chance to share and grow under the Lord’s presence and guidance while educating and learning with both students and faculty who share in the same mission and belief in Christ is a truly wonderful opportunity.”“I believe in a Christ-centered education that fosters the formation of the whole person.

I am so grateful for the education and formation that I received in the Catholic school system, and so I am dedicated to helping the youth on their journey to encounter Christ at our school.

After many years in the private sector, He first called me to the priesthood.

Now, I find myself blessed to be serving the faith needs of this incredible school community.

They invite me to have that encounter with Jesus Christ in the human person, and push me to help others encounter Christ himself through me as his representative.