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Speed dating in ontario canada

Although the First Nations control only 900 km2 (0.36% of the region) as Indian reserve land, they continue to use large parts of their traditional territory (Berkes et al.19)." In her Masters thesis (1998) Jacqueline Hookimaw-Witt, a Muskego-Cree, interviewed elders from Attawapiskat who described in great detail ways in which they continued to harvest, fish and hunt for food, clothing, crafts and subsistence to complement store-bought items.

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The Attawapiskat River carved out several clusters of spectacular high limestone islands less than 100 kilometres (62 mi) from its mouth that are unique to the region.

These formations (and therefore the river and community) are called chat-a-wa-pis-shkag in Swampy Cree.

The overall purpose of the project was to help the regional Council and its associations develop a strategy for natural resource co-management, self-government, and sustainable regional development." In 1990 Dr.

Fikret Berkes, Distinguished Professor and Canada Research Chair at the University of Manitoba, and a team of academics interviewed 925 aboriginal hunters from eight communities (Attawapiskat, Moose Factory, Moosonee, New Post, Fort Albany, Kashechewan, Peawanuck and Fort Severn) of the Mushkegowuk region, Hudson and James Bay Lowland.

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"[A]ncestors of today’s Attawapiskat band occupied all the territory from the Kapiskau River in the south, to Hudson Bay (Cape Henrietta Maria) in the north, and from Akimiski Island in the east to Lake Mississa (150 miles inland) to the west.

This has been contended by the present day chief and council [oral history], is supported by documentation in the archives of the HBC [Hudson’s Bay Company], and was documented by Honigmann [1948] (Cummins, 1992: 72)." was carried out "jointly by the Research Program for Technology Assessment in Subarctic Ontario (TASO), the Mushkegowuk Council, its constituent First Nations, and the Omushkegowuk Harvesters Association.

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