K9 sex and all taboo

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K9 sex and all taboo - who dating camilla belle

I love to read the stories on the internet as I play with myself, sometimes letting my husband read the stories too.

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Bob licked me clean, licked himself, than ran out of the room.I sat on the sofa as I lifted my dress as I took the jar of peanut butter and spread some onto my clit. The big lab was licking my pussy as he lapped at the peanut butter. I was surprised at just how good it felt as he took long licks with that hot tongue.I lifted his head and guided him to the goo I had placed on my pussy. I then reached down and rubbed his dog cock as he lapped at my wet pussy. I took my hand and slowly stroked his dog cock as the big red end slipped from its sheath.To begin with, let me tell you a little about myself.I am a middle aged lady who has a strong sex drive.The phone rang and the answering machine picked up as there was no answer and I left a message that I had him at my house.