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According to several theorists, the nature of the Internet makes it a particularly valuable tool for racist groups because: There are various forms of racist activity on the Internet.These include websites, computer games, emails, chat-rooms, discussion groups and music merchandising.

The first website of a racist group was created on the Internet in 1995.

The Birka, or full Arab headdress has far less to do with Muslim female modesty than it has to do with the embarrassment of the Muslim Arab male at his wife's ugliness . One page, entitled "Politically Incorrect Humour", contains the following: "Dictionary: Coon (c-oo-n) n. These flamboyant sub-humans love to consume large quantities of greasy fried chicken, inhale petroleum gasoline and listen to fellow apes "sing" rhymes over deaf beats.

." "Arabs have little or no knowledge of personal hygiene products such as deodorant or even soap nothing has ever turned my stomach like the fetid stench of unwashed wogs! AUSTRALIAN NAVY TO PERMANENTLY REMOVE ANY INVADING BOAT PEOPLE FROM THE SEA. ALL RETARDS, DOWNS AND TIMMEH'S TO BE STERILISED AND DETAINED IN CAMPS. RACE TRAITORS TO BE PUBLICLY CASTRATED AS AN EXAMPLE TO WOULD BES. One can find these lazy sub-humans infesting areas of the world called urban slums." "How do you get a coon out of a tree? Take your foot off its head and let it rise to the surface." "What is the correct way to stare at a coon?

[4] More interactive mediums, such as email, chat-rooms and discussion groups, create the 'sense of community' and interrelation [5] that is essential to ideological persuasion, membership recruitment, and incitement to racist violence.

Music and computer game merchandising also plays an important role in propagating and reinforcing racist ideology and recruiting new members into racist groups, particularly for young people.

It is indeed a thin veneer of 'civilization' that holds this yellow monster within, but make no mistake, like the kraken of old it will awake when the time is right." This same site contains the following anti-Semitic image: Several of these sites also have Guestbooks where visitors to the site can post comments. There are, of course, many more racist sites on the Internet that are created by individuals or groups from countries other than Australia.

The following is an example of one vilificatory posting: "GET THE F*** OUT OF OUR COUNTRY NIGGERS, SPICS, KIKES, SANDNIGGERS, ANDCHINKS are ALL the S*** that makes our COUNTRY STINK ." (expletives edited) Racial purity is also another principal concern of many sites. In many cases the information on the sites created outside of Australia is even more extreme than that contained on sites created locally.[6] Websites are therefore important tools for the dissemination of racist ideas.Yet emails, chat-rooms, discussion groups and game and music merchandising, all of which have traditionally received less attention than websites, should also be of concern to those wishing to address racism on the Internet.For these reasons, the emergence of cyber-racism has prompted concern by the United Nations and other racial equality agencies in recent years.[12] Examples of text and images from websites created by individuals or groups within Australia The following text and images are taken from sites created by Australians, so they illustrate the domestic relevance of the problem of cyber-racism.1.1 Websites 1.2 Computer Games 1.3 Racist Music: Publication, Merchandising and Recruitment 1.4 Open Publishing Sites 1.5 Interactive Mediums: Emails, Chat-rooms and Discussion-groups This paper examines the problem of racism on the Internet or "cyber-racism".

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