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We have written a comprehensive guide for pressure cooking rice and grains with the appropriate ratios and cooking times.If the “Rice” setting won’t let you adjust the cooking time, use the “Pressure Cook” setting and adjust the pressure to Instant Pot’s recommended “low” following the same cooking times and ratios recommended in our guide.

This program is designed to keep food, or beverages warm during a party or event -the settings are the same as in the Slow Cooking program so remember that while the food is going to be kept warm it will cooking on this setting.

This program can be configured t slow cook at low, medium or high-temperature settings.

Because this is a thermostat-controlled slow cooker (not voltage as the traditional crock-pots) in order to reach and maintain temperature we recommend bringing the contents to a boil using Saute’ setting (see below) before starting the desired Slow cooking program. To preserve the most heat use the pressure cooking lid with the valve closed.

Here are the tutorials that will guide on how to use each program.

This function should be used when following a recipe that asks for a specific pressure cooking time.

It is not safe to pressure cook oatmeal directly in the pressure cooker because foaming could gum-up the valves and safety systems.

However, it can be cooked directly in a bowl – which reduces foaming and makes clean-up a snap.

This program should be used with at least two cups (8oz) of water and any steamer basket (see our steamer basket recommendations) or directly on the provided rack (if it is one large item).

Select the steam program and then scroll (twist) through the options as needed.

Remember not to ever fill the inner pot more than the 1/2 full mark with rice/grains and their cooking liquid.

This is a pressure program designed to pressure cook oatmeal and other mush.

Be aware that there will be less evaporation as compared to a traditional slow cooker.