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This may sound odd, but I really get a sunscreeny, day at the beach vibe with this scent.

Chance Eau Fraiche is quite lovely and very much a fresh, daytime fragrance. It's also decidedly unsweet which makes it very daywear/office appropriate. It's never really been on my radar, but my boyfriend saw someone selling an 85% full 50ml for a mere ten bucks on our local FB swap page so he snapped it up for me figuring if I didn't like it, I could swap it on here. What I get the most from this fume is delicate flowers (water hyacint) mixed with pink pepper for sparkling edge. She said she mixes Allure and Chance, without specifying one.Chanel is always a good choice ;) I feel wonderful fresh lemon and greenery that make me feel happy and filled with positive emotions during the summer.The perfume is relatively durable and very fond of women.I bought it and liked it ok but I knew it wasn't the right one. This otherwise sensual, deep flower stays bubbly due to the pink pepper. The white musk creates a luxury feel and the light patchouli keeps a wink of mystery in the air. This would be a great unisex scent too without the Jasmin.Today I finally went back and bought the correct one. It's lemony but not chemically, it's fresh but not too earthy, it's soapy but not nauseating, and it's sporty but not in a 'Polo Sport' cheap overbearing way. It's perfect for someone who likes to play around without losing their dignity. If you love men's colognes and you'd want to wear one but find them a bit too strong, than this is a find!It's refreshing and crisp and I do really love scents like this. Since citrus scents are my favorite I've been spending years trying to find THE citrus scent -- and I think I've found it with Chance Eau Fraiche!

However, I do prefer Adidas Moves for Her to fulfill the function that this would. This is just a perfect blend of lemon and woods that still smells fresh but also has a lot of depth.This is pretty sweet to my nose as well, but not candied.I can see this being perfect for a hot summer's day or to go to the gym wearing. But anyone else thinks the dry down has the similar vibes as to CK2? Im not perfume expert, it just reminds me so much of CK2.I've layered this with something lightly sweet and floral and loved the combination!Very chilly, suitable for the hottest of summer days.I have liked Chance eau Vive very much, and this has stood in the closet some time. I knew It's nice scent but I have so many others there.

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    Dear Word Detective: I was just hired to teach a course at the last minute, and when I told a friend about my predicament -- scrambling about to plan in three days a course I've never taught -- she said, "Well, you'll just be flying by the seat of your pants -- it's not like you haven't done it before." I've always assumed that "flying by the seat of one's pants" meant something like "performing as best one can when things must be done quickly and without much preparation." But I started to type the phrase in an e-mail today, and it struck me as just bizarre. The closest experience I've had to your teaching situation is appearing on live radio call-in programs, a harrowing experience which consists of putting myself in the position of taking question after question to which it is highly unlikely I will actually know the answer off the top of my head. "To fly by the seat of one's pants" does mean "to do a job the best you can by instinct, training, or experience, without outside aid or instruction," and seems to have been popularized during World War II, though the phrase itself is probably a bit older.