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Today MPs will pore over the Government's long-awaited White Paper, which will set out its strategy for the upcoming Brexit negotiations with the EU.And although last night's vote signalled that last June's historic Brexit vote faces no real prospect of being overturned, rebel MPs will seek to tie Theresa May's hand in those negotiations by tabling amendments on specific aspects of the Government's plans in the next phase of the bill next week.

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Dozens more voted in favour of holding the EU referendum two years ago - but voted against implementing the result.They were among 114 MPs who voted against starting Brexit last night - but they were overwhelmed by 498 MPs who followed the instructions of the British people.While the referendum was not counted within constituency boundaries, detailed calculations by University of East Anglia researcher Chris Hanretty based on the votes have produced estimates for each Commons seat.For the first time, the Commons has supported the principle of legislation that gives the Prime Minister power to trigger Britain's exit from the EU.A wrecking amendment tabled by the SNP was heavily defeated, before the EU Bill was given its second reading. We are not going to have another referendum so Brexit is what it is whether you agree with it or not.'I feel we are not going to get this sorted.Among those who voted against, 47 were Labour MPs, 50 from SNP, seven Liberal Democrats, three from the SDLP, the one Green Party MP, two from Plaid Cymru, three independent MPs, and just one Conservative, Ken Clarke.

The MPs who voted for were 319 Tories, 167 Labour MPs, eight from the DUP, two UUP, one Ukip and one independent MP.He was a head teacher (at Isambard Brunel Junior School) when he was stopped by ...He was found guilty of murder in Johnston, Pembrokeshire, on 7 November 2011.He was found guilty of murder and possession of a knife in South East London on 8 August 2017.He was involved in a fight outside a nightclub when he chased his 19-year-old victim and stabbed him once...He and his mother (co-defendant) crushed tablets into a glass of whiskey which they gave to their 84-year-old victim, his ...