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Carrie Underwood shared a sweet pic showing her working out with her husband and son, four months after breaking her wrist and injuring her face in a fall at home.“My boys make work outs fun (and a bit less productive, but that’s ok!

'I thought face blindness was a very good premise for a novel, because if you can't recognise people, how do you know whether you can trust them?

The author also hopes that her novel raises more awareness of people who have synaesthesia - a condition suffered by celebrities including Pharrell Williams and Kanye West - and face blindness.'I think it's great if there's more awareness that not everyone sees the world in the same away,' she said.

'If teachers are more aware about synaesthesia in schools, they can help utilise that as synaesthetes often have very good memories.

Tyler Baltierra is on his way to visit his wife, Catelynn Lowell, in Arizona.

Teen Mom OG star Lowell, 25, is currently seeking in-patient treatment for mental health issues at a rehabilitation center, and Baltierra revealed on Friday, February 9, that he and their 3-year-old daughter, Novalee, will be visiting her for family week.

The comedian, 50, whose commentary during the 2016 Summer Olympics went viral, appeared to be watching the luge competition for the first time, as she was freaking […] Rose Mc Gowan has broken her silence about her former manager Jill Messick, who died by suicide on Wednesday, February 7.

The actress, 44, shared a photo of the sun on Instagram on Saturday, February 10, along with a message for Messick — whom she worked with in 1997 when Mc Gowan claims that Harvey Weinstein sexually assaulted […] Family reunion!

It can be very difficult for children [with the condition] because everyone's wearing the same uniform, so there are not many markers to help them identify people.'Sarah, who has previously written young adult novels under the nom de plume Sarah Sky, is already working on a second novel.

Explaining how she balances writing with her journalism work and raising two young sons, she said: 'I just try to find those snatches of time to write.

[…] Omarosa Manigault was hospitalized on Friday, January 9, after injuring herself during a Celebrity Big Brother competition.

The former White House staffer, 44, was competing in a Head of Household game where the cast had to get dizzy and bowl.

The novel tells the story of a 13-year-old boy called Jasper who has synaesthesia, a condition that means he sees sounds as colours.