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This book deals with vignettes of rural life from New York Adirondacks to the mountains of West Virginia. This is the first volume of a 2 volume set, containing a wonderful compilation of 'modern' myths and legends from Native Americans and early European settlers, through the Civil War.

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Johnson describes schools from the post-Revolutionary days, up to the late 1800's. From the settlement of Boston, Park Street has always been part of the boundary of the Boston Commons, and many of the buildings described in this book still stand. Defined at one end by the State House and at the other by Park Street Church, this short street has seen a lot of history..... Everything you've ever wanted to know about early American craftsmen. A nice, large-size pamphlet of bits and pieces of Boston maritime history. Chapters cover Furniture makers, Pewter craftsmen, Silver worker, Glass manufacture, Potters, Windsor Chair manufacture, and Architects. (This book sponsored by A classic record of life in the Colonial days of America. From Sheraton, Hepplewhite and Tavern tables, chairs and work tables, there is a wide range of plans for the carpenter and DIYer. 1910] This book Sponsored by: Living Locally in Maine A very interesting tale of 4 young men in search of the 'mother lode' in the wilderness of Maine, on the heights of Mt.

All diagrams based on original furniture from Maine...

Topics include: Courtship and Marriage customs, Domestic Service, Old Colonial Drinks and Drinkers, Doctors and Patients, Books and Bookmakers, Funeral and Burial Customs, Holidays and Festivals, and a whole lot more...

A great resource book with the earliest history of Philadelphia, from settlement through the Revolution and Washington's term in office as President.

Nature & Naturalists Travel Myths & Legends History Children's Books Classics Garden Philosophy & Metaphysical Games Biography Boston and New England History Misc.

Items Early Environmental Writings Birds & Birding Author/Illustrator Page Books By Author Page Text Content Page A great guide book of Boston that takes you through the neighborhood historical points all across the City and the surrounding area. A great work on the history of Boston by the neighborhoods through the architecture of the period. Well written and reads like a walking tour of Boston, with lots of history thrown in. This is an excellent work on the early history of Boston through the turn of the 20th Century.

This book deals with vignettes of the length of the Hudson River, from Glens Falls to New York City. Written in the vernacular of New England speech, it makes for an interesting read....

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