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He had greatly respected Kazan, but Ray seemed — and was — more erratic, not quite on the same footing with the man who'd helmed the prior year’s instant classic, “On The Waterfront.” In addition, Jimmy was experiencing sudden fame, and figuring out how to cope with it.

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By this time, the early returns on “Eden” confirmed they had a major new star on their hands and Warner’s had upgraded the production to widescreen color. Dean’s co-star was Natalie Wood, at 18 an old Hollywood veteran and former child actress who’d fought hard for her first adult role.Nearly four decades after the unexplained drowning death of Hollywood star Natalie Wood, Los Angeles County Sheriff's investigators tell "48 Hours" that her then-husband, actor Robert Wagner, is now a person of interest. Rumors of foul play have long surrounded Wood's mysterious death.Investigators want to speak with Wagner about the circumstances surrounding her death one night in 1981, they say in interviews for "Natalie Wood: Death in Dark Water" to be broadcast Saturday, Feb. At first, the three men aboard the boat -- Wagner, Walken and Davern -- told detectives that Wood, famously terrified of dark water, took off in a dinghy and went ashore.The world was stunned and sorrowful, but Nicholas Ray was crushed.He and Dean had bonded over all they had in common: both had grown up without fathers; both had reckless, self-destructive streaks; both were loners at heart." Moriarty asks."Well, I think he does because he's the last one to see her," Corina replies.

and was the only news organization to capture the detectives searching the Splendour for clues.And we haven't been able to prove that this was an accident, either," says Hernandez.It is sad and somewhat perplexing that while James Dean has become an enduring icon, Nicholas Ray, the director that mentored and influenced him, is nearly forgotten.Still, with the death of James Dean, whatever good fortune and talent Nick Ray had possessed seemed to dry up.Beset by personal demons, including addictions to alcohol and gambling, Ray's directing career was over within just a few years."48 Hours" reports on the latest information in the case through interviews with the detectives leading the case, with Wood's sister Lana Wood, as well as archival interviews with Wagner, Davern and others.

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