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Plus just by following that one rule we’ve already saved enough that we could retire comfortably at 65.That gives me tons of peace of mind.–Tasha Reply Woww – a kid in preschool AND college! My wife is actually the youngest of 7 and I think when she was born the oldest sibling was out of college and i wanna say already getting married?

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I figured if I could spend it, I could DECIDE to save it, and the result was HUGE. There’s no way we could navigate all that without a plan in place.

I still wanna do that Legacy Binder idea because it’s nerdily bad ass, but for now we keep our important $$$ and Life info into a centralized Google Doc, as well as partially printed out and stored in our safe. At least once you hit it though you don’t have to touch it until an emergency comes up! We aren’t totally debt free, but I hardly count my mortgage as debt :) My extra earnings are so low every month, they probably don’t count! We’re in a similar stance; we do track everything automatically and ensure we can cover each month’s expenses without impacting our goals as much as possible. We don’t have a monthly budget, but we try to stay under limit, and it’s been working out ok so far.

I do need to be better about keeping everything updated though as info changes all the time! Looks like I scored a 10.5 out of a total possible 15, woops, haha… But it’s true – I could certainly improve in a number of areas, not gonna lie. Life would be boring being perfect, or something like that? But it’s difficult to ensure you always follow a fixed amount in categories A, B, and C each month (even if you adjust / reset what those categories might need to be each month if they’re not a static item). I will double-check this list when I get home from work today hehe Reply 11.5ish here (age 34), but I don’t budget.

– (14) Max retirement: we just recently made a hard but definitive decision to STOP contributing to retirement accounts except the minimum match.

I smacked myself for thinking this (no really, I did). – I also like seeing how people coordinate their respective account set-ups. non-taxable (retirement) accounts, I’m by no means an expert but we’ve found it to be an important consideration for our respective circumstances.

) and thought it would be fun to see how many of these bad boys we can check off. Especially when you’re making minimum wage and stuck in the checking and savings shuffle game… ( into savings today, back into my checking account at the end of the month when I’ve run out of money! Well, it’s possible because I spent 5 years watching every penny and eventually got good at predicting my expenses without needing to look at it anymore :) I still think budgeting is one of the most important things to do when starting out, if not THE most important, but the good news is that once you’ve got a handle on everything you’re allowed to do whatever the F you want, haha… (Don’t forget – you can always get your free credit *report* every year too through Credit Karma as well as Annual Credit! I automate a little of it, like when using Digit, but I tend to do most things manually these days just to have more control over it and appreciate it more. Although for my wife’s TSP plan (the gov’ts version of the 401(k)) we automate that fully, and I highly advise everyone else doing the same who has access to it, if not just to grab all that free $$$$ most employers give you! So anyone who can answer this question with a resounding “Yes”, or even a half-assed yes for that matter, gets major street cred in my books… it’s just a matter of time until you become a millionaire even if you do nothing else! Complete your emergency fund so you have at least 6 months’ expenses saved. I sort of have my financial information written out, but it could probably use some updating and tweaking!

She says they’re good goals to hit by the time you’re 40, but really they’re great goals to achieve no matter your age, so whether you’re 20 or 60 let’s see how you’re looking so far… ) And the worst is that your brain only remembers the “saving” part, making you feel like you’ve saved when you haven’t ;) #2. Even if you end up spending a little more had you continued to track it all :) So yeah – definitely still a huge fan of budgets and you gotta know where it’s all going, but my “budgets or die! (I know that last one sounds sketchy, but I swear it’s legit :)) #8. My “day” job and my “hustle” jobs are pretty much mixed these days, but I have recently taken on more consulting jobs so I’m gonna go ahead and count that as extra since I had stopped for a handful of months. Although I’m much better about reading the top personal finance blogs since they tend to be more fun and relatable :) You’ll have to check out our books directory though over at Rockstar Finance as we recently polled over 100 financial bloggers on their favorites and then built a place to feature them all. Like for example our new Spavings Experiment we’ve just started. I automate the bills that never change, but for everything else I just go in once a month and knock ’em out in one sitting to make sure all is kosher and the accounts have the funds needed when anything unusual is going on. I dip above and beyond this number depending on what month/year you catch me, but as it stands we do have enough to last us if another penny didn’t come in over the next 6 months… I have no interest in keeping a budget, but I do track my spending.Overall, we call our accounts our (Semi-)Automated Ecosystem.I have a lovely drawing / mapping of them all – check it out :) – (13) 5 year plan: no excuse here, just need to do it.We plan to let compound interest work its magic as long as possible.– (2) We graduated in 2007 (both 33 now) right before the market crash.A lot of ground is covered: saving, investing, and insurance, as well as various details on different accounts, products, and strategies.

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