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But for most of the couples I work with, kissing is more meaningful to them than just sex. The fact of the matter is, there's no right or wrong way to French kiss.French kissing needs to remain a priority, especially in long-term relationships. Everyone kisses differently, and all that matters is that you and your partner work together to make French kissing a positive experience for both parties."It's better to not make a comment or critique about how they kiss.

Kiss the top of the lips, the bottom of the lips, graze your tongue between the lips and slowly add a little tongue.You’re trying to communicate to someone that you care about them; don’t be so obsessed with technique." says Dr. If you're paying attention to your partner, you pick up on things.If they're going slow and not using tongue yet, it's a signal to you to keep things slow and simple (for the moment).When most people think of kissing, they think of closed eyes. Allow yourself to let go and get lost in the moment," says Dr. Continued effort to make out years into your relationship communicates to your partner that you care about them and that they are important to you.But making eye contact before the kiss during the kiss can make the experience more intimate."Get into it! It a big deal and it matters greatly."Unfortunately, the longer a couple is together the lazier they get about how much work they put into French kissing.If you want a flat-out formula, try this:"Where your hands are communicates something," says Dr. "If your hands are wrapped around them that naturally adds like another layer of passion and intensity."Once you're really comfortable with French kissing, start to play with basic technique can play with it.

Now that you've got the basics down, try opening your eyes.If you know don’t if the other person can’t breathe, for example, don’t ignore it and just kind of plow forth."As passion builds and momentum increases, you can kiss them with more urgency. Those are good signs."This isn't a kiss hello or a peck on the cheek."See how they're responding and if they seem to like what’s happening. French kissing all about passion, and that means using your tongue.All along the way it's important to read their energy."Make eye contact once in awhile and pay attention to what's happening.He said 'no problem,' went to the dentist to get a cleaning and when he came home he would brush his teeth.""Keep the saliva at bay and the drool to yourself," says Dr. "It's one of the biggest reported turn offs when the kissing is too juicy or someone is slobbering on them.

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