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They will never regret the way you and I would hope for because true regret from a connected man will include remorse.

I’ve found my happily ever after,” the “he’s changing for me,” etc. I was convinced that the amazing, loyal, respectful, emotionally available “prince” that he was in the beginning was going to come back out at any moment.Let’s be honest.of us are seeking a “I miss you” because we WANT to teach them a lesson, we WANT them to crack from being an ass hole to finally saying something.. I was a fool and it took me almost 4 years to change my number and leave without a word.even if it is just a “hello” To me it sounds like a big game.. He started off so caring and attentive when he first moved there and reassured me everything would be ok. I guess they got to him, didn’t want their meal ticket running off. Ultimately decided in march we shouldn’t move in together.She got 3 people living in that house and they all have a purpose. I changed my number and blocked him from all access to me.At one time she had a bum living there with her and she wouldn’t make him pay rent. Believe I had too otherwise he would be texting me from his phone and when I blocked him he would text me from his mom phone!!!The effects to both your ego, your self esteem and your skin will be permanent. I went through the same thing but it was with his 30 yo niece and his 50 something year old sister. But he ended up paying all the rent, got food, took his nieces son to doctor and took her to doctor and to work and to wherever else she needed to go.

Yeah, I get that you’ve lost your mojo and your ego is shot because you’re feeling rejected, but if you keep seeking validation from someone that isn’t even able to give any to himself, you’re going to end up always looking to other people and possessions to dictate your worth. You’ll then need others to validate your observations and decisions because you’ll be in a state of fear-based paralysis (inaction/stagnation) in your life and wonder why nothing ever works out for you. We should all have a set of standards for every aspect of our lives, especially relationships. I think doing this a few times more will make it easier to do. It was nice to read what you wrote because for a while I thought I was going insane. Meanwhile I had to find a ride to a surgery and take care of myself.

I did think it was funny dummy found out she was sending her boo in jail money, from what he was giving her LOL!!!! Your so right these selfish men don’t give a Damm about anyone except their EGOS!!!

in the end I started to resent him and I called him out all the time !!

Fast forward to a lot of tears, heartbreaks and enough f*cktards to sink the Titanic later, I now have a much better understanding of it all. B) Find something in his profile that really hurts you and makes you to to stop thinking about him (i.e.

he has a new flame), but since your programs are set on “validation seeking mode,” instead of taking that information to motivate you to move on, you use it as an anchor to sink is why you always end up f*cked over and alone.

He sent a few angry, childish texts then after a few weeks of silence on my end, he said everything that I ever wanted to hear and more… It had more to do with his own ego and image than it ever had to do with any genuine love for or missing of me. xoxo I totally agree, it’s not about playing games. I just wanted to hear an update on this particular relationship in your life. And so he could treat his 40 year old freeloader niece like a queen. And partying with her and her male friends in her room. Always more concerned with making them happy, and I could never understand why it couldn’t be equal to some extent?

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