What will consolidating files in itunes do

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To create audiobooks that are well behaved on i Pods they should be consolidated into one audiobook file.

I will try to sort out the different types of duplicates below. • "Music file", "audio file", "sound file", or just plain "file": A music file is a computer file that contains sound data.Q: How to Restore a Deleted Playlist in i Tunes 8.2.20 A: Close the i Tunes program if you have it open.Double-click your "Music" folder where you store your i Tunes songs. Attach your i Pod to the computer using the USB ca...(more) Q: How to Add Shared Music to an i Tunes Library A: Close out of the i Tunes application and then locate the i Tunes Media folder, which is typically located in the Music or Documents folder of ...(more) Q: How to Transfer Songs from your i Pod to an i Tunes Library A: First, you will need to download the program Media Monkey.Click the Add Files button and navigate to you e Music folder and select all the all files view.You will see the component .mp3 files of your e Music book. Add the book image to each chapter by clicking the chapter and then “Add Image” Again navigate to the e Music folder and select the file and click OK. The result should look like the Chapter View below. The view should initially look like the Metadata view below.Believe it or not, this is a misconception some users have.

When you import, convert, purchase, or (possibly) add a file to i Tunes, i Tunes creates a new entry in its database for the file and creates a new track in the main library.

Double-click the "i Tun...(more) Q: How do I Copy an i Pod Library to i Tunes on a New Computer?

If you are using i Tunes version 10.3 or below, then you have the option to backup your i Tunes songs by burning to CD or DVD.

Your audiobook is now in the i Tunes Library under “Books” as a single file.

You can now drag your audiobook to your connected i Pod as usual.

To combat this, you can use the consolidation feature in i Tunes to copy all your media files into one folder.

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