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I played Moo T at a dinner party this weekend and it was the first game I really enjoyed. I have no issues with using the COD as the rule for the game, but this one is a bit too "lawyerly". I actually like this type of question — even though it might seem too lawyerly — because it does make a distinction between words that otherwise would seem to be exact synonyms.

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In other words, using this definition of "distinct," even if Schrodinger's cat is an entirely imaginary being, it is an entity because it's distinct from Smith's cat.

Wouldn't any fictitious character qualify as a being, because s/he can be imagined whereas s/he, having no distinct existence, would not qualify as an entity? Wouldn’t “anything that exists” have been way better? ” It’s sort of like defining left to include right. If that's what usage is, words start to be meaningless, or have such a broad meaning that they don't mean anything.

No wonder Hamlet agonized over the question of whether to be or not to be! I answered yes, under the assumption that all beings exist. Which isn't, to my mind, a being, but rather an IMAGINARY being, which isn't necessarily a being at all. We seem to have been catapulted into an era where the prevailing answer is yes. Fake news isn't news, and imaginary beings aren't beings. In this case, I think they would have been better served to be more Concise! Which, again, is kind of where we find ourselves in public conversation these days.

The way they create these definitions is that they survey usage, usually written usage – i.e. To play it, you must accept that the COD is the final arbitrator, and you will only get your points if you figure out what that final arbitrator believes. Which isn't the fault of the Concise Oxford Dictionary, but I hate to see them fall into the same trap. I have no difficulty with an "imagined" being, such as the Cheshire or Schrodinger's Cats.

they try to find out how people actually use the word – and then they try to capture these usages in their definitions. Cheers I understand the rules of Moot and have always respected them, but I still have to maintain that a definition that takes in its opposite or the entire rest of the universe is a poor choice. The imagination calls such beings into existence, from non-existence. Neither had I before I just coined the name, creating this remarkable bird from thin air. made you look.) But if that is so, the defining feature of a being is that it can be distinguished from other beings, or from nothingness.

With that in mind, in my experience an average Moo T game is over after about 14 questions.

As the two games you bought contain 2016 questions, when divided by 14, this mean that you can play about 144 games.I think "indistinct existence" is an oxymoron (and distinguishable from "uncertain existence", e.g., Schrodinger again.) It might a Schrodingerian thought, but either the cat exists or it doesn't. If it's only an imaginary thing, it's a being, according to your dictionary.But that really stretches the definition of a being: Charles Dickens was an entity, but now that he's indistinct (as in decomposed) he joins his novel's characters as being just...a being?We loved playing it and when she relocated to India, another friend, Joan Sharp (who teaches at SFU) bought a copy. (spanish & french) — can't get any more serious players than that! We had a lively email exchange a handful of months ago.Now I have bought one for my daughter who has played it at Joan's and I know she and her friends will enjoy it as well. We had such fun playing our new Moot game for the first time. I can't remember what started it exactly, but I do recall asking you if you planned on introducing another Moo T game. I mean, easy for me to ask if you planned on coming up with another one thousand plus incredibly difficult questions, banging them out and cutting up all that card stock, boxing them with the game board and little tokens, and sending it my way!I know the question asked specifically about the COD but who says the COD is the be-all and end-all? The question is: Does the deity have a distinct existence? You should know that we don't always love each question, or agree with each answer, but we do always have a rollicking good time and usually learn something.