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More often than not, the best way to truly find something new is to travel past your day to day borders. Online, there are literally thousands of communities that you can join and become a part of.

Initially, players start out with a five-in-row, Othello and a whack-a-mole style game.

As mentioned above, there is plenty of focus on the avatar creation side of things so expect to see some pretty interesting choices when making your character.

The clothing choices and facial features are pretty good, considering that everything has been done in a very unique art style, the variations that you can achieve are still significantly better than other sites on this list.

Without further ado we present a list of our top 10 worlds to play in online.

We'll start off the list with a fan favorite: Migo Land. Both in games and active users, there are plenty that users will be able to choose from.

Aside from mingling with other users in public locations such as the lobbies and castle grounds, this is another great way to socialize in game.

Of course, before you go off and start making parties, you will need a lot more than the credits you start with. Click on the games button on the left side of the screen to open up several mini games which will help you earn money.The actual community itself is not that busy in terms of holding events, but they are active nonetheless.If this is your kind of thing, then you will definitely have lots of fun.The rest of your money you may want to use to decorate your own pad.Each player is provided with a personal home which they can set up with a vast array of designs and furnishings.This room can be decorated and fitted with furniture - some of which are initially available while some you will earn through playing.