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As he crawls into his final resting place he tells Sookie, “I’m ready.” To which Sookie says, “Bill, I will never forget you.” And with a ball of flashing light emitted from her hand, Sookie is about to end his life before realizing that her fairy-ness is a part of her that she is not ready to part with.

The man’s face is never shown, but Sookie’s smile says it all.

Jessica is worried that Hoyt doesn’t know her at all because he had all memory of her wiped from his brain after she cheated on him with his best friend Jason.

Bill explains that you sometimes know in an instant that someone is right for you, and he just wants to make sure she is spoken for after he is gone.

Jessica ultimately decides that she wants to marry Hoyt, and she wants to do it today!

The rain begins to fall back at Sookie’s, and she recalls a moment from her childhood with her grandmother and her best friend Tara.

When Bill arrives, she asks him why the grave has a coffin in it.

He tells her that since he was presumed dead after the civil war, they buried an empty coffin underneath his tombstone.

Sookie drives her deceased boyfriend Alcide‘s truck over to the church to get some words of guidance from Reverend Daniels (Gregg Daniel).

She says she wants to lead a normal life but the reverend tells her that she has saved the town more than once because of who she is and God would want her to use the brain he gave her.

Pam finds Sarah hiding out at the carousel where Eric had turned Willa (Amelia Rose Blaire).

Sarah asks Pam to change her into a vampire, but Pam refuses.

Sookie (Anna Paquin) protests and insists he should get help, but asks Bill to leave when he formally implores her to end his life with the last bit of fairy power she has left. Not only will he get to join his children and wife in the afterlife, but Sookie will also no longer be “catnip” to vampires because of her blood.

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