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You collect a sperm sample in the cup provided and mix in a powder, which contains an enzyme that makes the sperm more visible under the microscope.After ten minutes, you put a drop of the solution on to the plastic slide provided and insert it into the other side of the YO clip.

'But what it finds would be of little use if you don't have the training to interpret heart and lung sounds.'Even for those with chronic heart or lung disease, listening for sounds can be confusing and may not provide useful information on which to base decisions.Sie wissen wie sie einem Mann das Gefühl geben können jemand besonderes zu sein.Out Personals hilft dir dabei tausende verfügbare Männer schnell zu durchsuchen. Triff dich mit Männern afrikanischer, asiatischer, arabischer, lateinamerikanischer, thailändischer, europäischer, brasilianischer Herkunft und aus vielen anderen Ethnien und Kulturen.But there are now devices that plug into your phone that can actually test a range of markers, including blood pressure and lung function. The device fits on to the back of your phone like a protective case and has two electrode pads (pictured left).You place a finger of each hand on each pad and a chart then appears on your phone screen, showing your heart rhythm and a message to say whether it's normal or not.'The problem with a lot of conventional monitoring equipment is that unless we capture the changing heartbeat as it happens or a patient wears a monitor for an extended period, we can't see anything wrong and assume the heart is normal,' says Dr Jerome Ment, a consultant cardiologist at Spire Parkway Hospital, Solihull.'This device is fantastic because most people carry a mobile phone, so if they feel any heart symptoms, they can instantly record the heartbeat.'The traces it captures are excellent quality and, with a little educating, anyone can read them — and forward to their doctor if they're concerned.'It's very much the way forward for patient monitoring and care.' Turns your phone into a thermometer that can spot a fever in seconds without touching the patient.'A cheap conventional thermometer will do the job just as well,' says Dr Matt Piccaver, a GP at the Glemsford Surgery in Sudbury, Suffolk.'Thermo Dock does allow you to take a child's temperature without waking them, but waking an ill child to take their temperature is a good way of checking their level of consciousness.' Captures heartbeat and breathing patterns so you can 'monitor any suspicious cough, wheeze, heart or respiratory concern'.

This consists of a metal disc on a lead that you put in the headphone socket on your phone.

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'It can be misleading, time-wasting and anxiety-provoking.'The YO clip (pictured right) is a mini microscope that can check sperm's motility (its ability to swim, a measure of fertility).