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” This is also the place where you can ask them to renew at a higher level or add an extra amount to their membership.The Close Thank them again, let them know that if they need anything they can contact you and you will be happy to assist.

” This is the paragraph (or two) where you might even include a premium for renewing quickly, such as: “If you renew your membership in the next two weeks, we will send you our lovely low-flow shower head so you can begin to conserve water right away!If some of what you have planned is continuing the programs you are already doing, that’s fine, but do emphasize why those programs are so necessary and important.Finally “The Pitch”The pitch or closing the deal,, whatever you prefer to call it.Video chat with random people online instantly on Shagle.We connect you to live cam to cam chat with strangers, making it easier than ever for you to meet new people online.Rather than providing a sample, I decided to provide step-by-step instructions because every nonprofit is different and it would be impossible to write a pristine one-size-fits-all letter.

Additionally, we have spent a great deal of time here discussing social media and technology, so now I’d like to advocate for good-old-fashioned-letter-in-the-mail membership renewal letters. Strictly sending a membership renewal via email will lower returns.

People are inundated with email and the likelihood the recipient will delete the email without reading it is high.

Your email may be seen as just another communiqué from the organization and easily dismissed.

The closing must be from the highest officer (Executive Director) or Chair of the Board, not the membership director.

Make it warm and friendly, I think “Sincerely” is just fine but you can go beyond that with a “Your partner in water conservation, Jane Doe” if you choose, just make sure it’s not cheesy.

And while people are also inundated with postal mail, your chances are much better the recipient will add your renewal letter to their “bill” pile and write the renewal check while taking care of their usual obligations.