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I can’t imagine how much effort goes into a website for real!!!Keeping up to date on the constantly changing information, facts, research and studies about kids and parenting is a thankless job plus add in all the fads, trends, crazy news stories and it takes a huge staff to keep it all flowing on the daily.

I’ve broken the parenting website list down into two categories. — A community where moms can ask questions, give advice and share personal experiences, covering issues from fashion to work.

Offers tips and discussion about parenting, marriage, health and money matters for stay home and working mothers.

Baby Dot Dot – a blog about pregnancy, parenting, nursery and baby information.

— Bundoo is a physician-driven resource for expecting parents and new parents of children from 0-4.

Our content is evidence-based, and everything is either written or reviewed by doctors.

They were recently named as an Official Honoree for this year’s Webby Awards in the Family/Parenting category.

Co — Co Parents is a social media platform aimed at providing a common ground to free sperm donors.

— Information for Indian parents with topics ranging from pregnancy to raising children, including articles on infertility, health and medicine, and Hindu and Muslim baby names.

— Evidence-based information on breastfeeding and parenting issues.

Here you can find all sorts of guides and tips as well as best baby and mother product reviews and more.

All For The Boys — Allison Waken is a Wife, Mom and Photographer to her husband of 14 years, 2 boys and 2 dogs.

She realizes the title of the blog is weird and misleading. — Product reviews and stories about life as a Massachusetts mommy. Beloved by tens of readers, some she’s not even related to.