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A deadly Hong Kong bus crash that killed 19 and left scores more injured was under investigation Sunday, with the city's leader calling for a wide-ranging inquiry as questions surfaced over the industry's long hours and low pay.

But while such donations are traditionally carried out artificially, a rising number of women are opting to do so naturally, by having sex with their donors, because it is believed to be more three times more effective than artificial insemination.

Britain's foreign minister Boris Johnson stopped off in Myanmar on Sunday to press Aung San Suu Kyi on the need for an independent probe into violence in Rakhine state, as the country faces mounting pressure to punish troops accused of atrocities against the Muslim Rohingya.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in sat next to the powerful sister of the North's leader Kim Jong Un at a concert in Seoul by musicians from Pyongyang, as conservative protesters burned the North's national flag outside Sunday.

New York Fashion Week day two saw first lady favorite Carolina Herrera signal the end of an era by stepping down from her four-decade-old label, while Tory Burch showcased breezy optimism in a sea of carnations for a post-#Me Too world.

Every winter morning workers wrap scarves around their faces and emerge from the pea soup fog that engulfs their town of Obiliq, stuck between two coal-fired power stations on the outskirts of Kosovo's capital.

LP1 M LP2 - OJJgl0 LP3 - I LP4 - H2JVi Vc LP5 - J8a UX0hh N Leslie James Hall Reading Stradivarius, I was struck be the lack of info regarding the gay clubs of London in the 1960s!

"La Duce" was mentioned in D'Arblay Street which I first discovered in 1964, but not the "Subway" which was almost opposite!

It was filmed from a personal perspective rather than an attempt at some historical event recording.

Im sure youll be able to make a judgement on whether they are suitable for inclusion in your website!

Russian figure skater Ekaterina Bobrova said Sunday the passionate support of her compatriots in the crowd at the Pyeongchang Olympics made her "feel at home", even though the country is formally banned.

A South Korean actress has accused the Berlin film festival organisers of hypocrisy for inviting a director who assaulted her to this year's event while promoting it as a forum to tackle abuse in the industry.

The staff in the Coffee Pot had phoned the Police and eventually the Rockers were all arrested and taken away! Funny that, but we were all too fucked on Purple Hearts to ask why!